Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oliver Factory

When Chuck and I left on Sept. 1st, we headed up to Hohenwald TN to get some tweaking done to Chuck's Oliver Travel trailer. While we were there Pete (from TX) with his wonder dog Oscar arrived to get a small repair on his Oliver trailer and the next day Sherry and Paul (from Tampa Bay) arrived to get the solar panels installed in their Oliver! It turned into a party that drifted downtown to the best secret in TN, the Junkyard restaurant! MMMMmmmmm Yummy steaks!

Shown here, L-R, Chuck and Geri, Robert Partee (Oliver Sales Manager), Paul and Sherry and Pete! We are inside the Oliver factory here and that's our rig behind us!

1 comment:

  1. Holey Toledo ! Robert has a chin ! That's the first time I ever saw him without a Beard. Chuck, you'll have to explain to him that he has it backwards. In the Summer when it's hot you shave the beard off, but in the Winter when it's cold . . . . .


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