Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunsets and Rainbows over Riverbend!

Last night the sky was on fire with color! It started out as storm clouds moving through. Then the sun broke through the heavy clouds and the light show began. All of the scenes are taken at River Bend Hot Springs where Chuck and I work.

I love this old wagon wheel and thought it deserved a composition of it's own!

Here is the first rainbow that appeared, I took this across the street from River Bend and you can tell from all the cars how busy we are. All the rooms are rented every weekend, usually several weeks agead. We only have 12 rooms so they fill up fast. Plus the mineral hot springs spas stay busy too! There were actually 2 rainbows but the second one to the right of the main one, didn't show up very well in the photos.

This is the office where Chuck and I work!

Rainbows over the spas!

Rainbows over the Rio Grande River!

Looking towards town with the tipi in the foreground and the river behind me. No matter where I looked, the sky was amazing!

Looking north with the Rio Grand absorbing colors as it flows south.

Beautiful sky over the Turtle back mountains

The black clound arrives over the office, but behind me, the colors are still vivid!

Looking west down Austin Street! Truth or Consequences usually rolls up the sidewalks by 7 pm. Very little auto traffic, lots of bikers and walkers and joggers but very few cars on the roads after 7 pm.

Our Oliver Travel Trailer under the last remnents of the sunset and rainbows! Hope ya'll enjoyed the light show !!! We will be here until Nov 1st, hopefully a few of you can come visit!
It's really beautiful in this corner of T or C!

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