Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Wedding Photos

Champagne toast!

dancing! I didn't even know Chuck could dance! Didn't know I could dance either!
Chuck, Geri and our good friend from Texas Pete Marks! Pete really believed we meant tie dye and did it better than anybody! His hat even has a fake ponytail on the back! Pete played the Native American flute for family and friends on the beach while Chuck and I got up the nerve to walk down the aisle.

Getting prettified! Stacy did my hair for the wedding! Here she is placing the flower hairpiece circlet on my head! I loved it! Thank you Stacy! My friend Sandy Collier made my hair piece and my bouquet!

Family gather for a photo! I went from almost no family to now I have a sister, Patty Jo, a daughter Glorianne, a son in law, Chaz and 4 grandkids Kyle, Ryan, Annesley and Aubrey. I have a new niece Dawn, her husband Dan and daughter Danea.

Family and friends showed up despite chilly weather to watch Chuck and I make it legal!

Geri and girlfriends showing a bit of leg at the beach. Most of these ladies have been my dear friends for more than 30 years!

We are listening to Tom and Karen Whaley sing a song they wrote just for us! It was wonderful!

Karen and Tom Whaley came from record snowfall in VA to be with us at our wedding and to share record freezing Florida weather when we all went camping after our wedding! Karen plays dulcimer and Tom plays mandolin. the song was wonderful!

Thank you both so much for bringing so much joy to our wedding!


  1. Geri, the wedding looks like it was a lot of fun and you looked beautiful! You look soooo happy, I sure hated to miss it, thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. Geri and Chuck,
    What special photos! They did a great job! Say Hi to Paul for me!
    I love the tie dye! That was a super idea!
    So Sorry we could not be there, but it couln't be helped. Robert is doing very well. It hasn't been a month yet, and he is ready to get back to life!
    Congrats to you both! Come see us any time!
    Love, Linda

  3. love the pictures! I hope you got the ones I emailed!
    I do love the one of all the ladies showing leg.. and ya know, if you've known me since I was born.. I have been around for 30 years now... yup..last August! love you guys!

  4. OMG Mesa! You just managed to make me feel VERY OLD!!! hahaha!


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