Sunday, March 7, 2010

Aubrey's second birthday

When we started this journey mid February, it was to attend our grandaughter's second birthday party and we intended to be on the road 3 weeks.  6 weeks later we are still on the road and having fun!  I just wanted to share some of Aubrey's 2nd birthday with all of you!

Aubrey and dad, Chaz, playing with Aubrey's new castle!
Aubrey and mom with new doll

A woman's home is her castle!
Two! Whoopee!

Happy birthday Aubrey!
Birthday's are so much fun! Glorianne with the birthday girl!
Annesley and her Princess crown!
Chaz and RyanGrandpa Chuck

birthday backrub ok Dad ???

Big bro Kyle tossing the football!

I love having a new family complete with grandkids! Thanks to all of you for accepting me into the family! Chuck and I are proud of all of you! 


  1. Holey Toledo ! I seen that big ol' bald headed guy somewhere before !
    Wait, it's coming back to me now ! It was in the movie Deliverance ! He, He, great pix, keep em' coming. Harm & Bett

  2. HaHa! Chaz is deputy sheriff with Sarasota County police! You would have loved having him on your police dept when you were police chief! Chaz makes Chuck look small, he's about 6'5" and solid muscle! Hes also a great dad and husband!


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