Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trujillo Meadows CO

               Trujillo Meadows, Colorado

The road up to Trujillo has a few curves!

Larry and Betty's camp host campsite

                  Chuck and Geri's Campsite

When we arrived in late June, there was still snow on the ground!

DoogieBowser standing on top of snow...
wondering why the heck his feet are so cold!

There are many beautiful Aspen trees here.

Some of the Aspen are so large, Chuck couldn't even get his arms around this one.  Larry aka Mountainborn laughs at the effort!

           There is even Aspen graffiti in the woods!

Larry and Betty gave us a wonderful tour from Trujillo Meadows to some of their favorite places!

Beautiful views wherever you looked !

On the way back to our campsite, we found a pile of fire wood all cut and ready to haul left over from some other campers !! Nice find, it filled Larry's truck!

Back at the campground, this is our "front yard" and Chuck is taking advantage of it, reading his book.

We had a great time here. At over 10,000 feet altitude, I had a hard time breathing! Had to stop every once and awhile to catch my breath!
Thanks to Larry and Betty for such a great time!

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