Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Boondockers Paradise !!!

City of Rocks State Park
City of Rocks State Park is small by most state parks around the country.  There isn''t even much information about it online.  It is 3 miles east of US 180, 30 miles north of Deming and 33 miles south of Silver City on State Road 61. 
As you come down the hill to the pay station, there is a dirt road off to your right going up a steep hill. From this hill, you can see up to 30 and more miles away!  Looking down on the Water&Electric campground it doesn't seem like much! Looks like a bunch of tossed pebbles. Those are huge boulders, not pebbles!
There are only 10 sites with water and electric and over 40 boondocking sites with no hook-ups but lots of privacy!
This is the first boondocking site, near the Water and Electric campground. As you can see, it's some distance from the road and a pull thru as well! All sites come with a picnic table and a fire ring. Sadly, there is no dump station here at this park, so plan your stay accordingly! 
Verizon MiFi is giving us 5 bars for wifi reception and 3 bars for cell phone reception!  We really love our MiFi !!!
 Even the view from my rear view mirror is worth looking at twice!
There are balancing rocks all around the park!
The next few photos will show you some of the boondocking sites.
 Most of the sites are for smaller rigs. However this one could easily fit The MotherShip and it is a great pull thru site.
 This site you would park below the picnic area or tent above near the table.
 Here, a raven watches over some campers.
 At the Pegasus Campground, you can stay only one night without a reservation. A green sign means site is available, the red sign means it has been reserved.
 There are 3+ miles of hiking trails for them that have the itch to take a walk.
 This is one of my favorite pull-thru sites! Any sized rig would/could fit here! You have the open mesa in front of you facing distant mountains and the monumental rocks behind you and a restroom nearby!
 Some of the rocks even have a Stonehedge quality to them!
Gambel's Quail run in the road ahead of me!



I was lucky that one of them came so I could take a shot out the window. Unlucky part was I had on my wide angle lens and not time to change lenses. So this is as close as I could get him and I cropped it pretty tight in PhotoShop to get this image. The quail is almost camouflaged.
As you can see, some pretty big rigs fit into the boondocking sites!
You can see and hear ravens all over the park!
They carry on lengthy conversations sometimes!
 Plenty of room to tuck in and camp!
You can barely see him, but if you look to the left center of the page you will see a rock climber! Right after I took this shot, he jumped from one rock to another and scared the $!!##! out of me! There were two of them!
Rocks glowing in the late afternoon sun!
Sunset !

Full moon rising!  Wish I had Al's lens for this one!
Again, using my wide angle lens! My tripod was buried in the back of my car... so no sense changing lenses! 
Tomorrow I go to the dentist in Deming to finish up some dental work. We found the best dentist ever, Dr. Gordon, in Deming! As a rule I hate the dentist, but I can certainly recommend him!
We leave here Saturday morning. Headed to another campground on the way home. Home is only about 80 miles away, but we are just taking our time and enjoying the New Mexico weather!
Glad you came along to explore City of Rocks with us!  Keep in touch when you can!  We want to wish Pete Marks a quick recovery! He had a bike accident and is now in the hospital waiting for surgery to repair his broken leg!  Please say a good prayer for our special friend. Many of you may remember he played the flute at our wedding! We love you Pete!
Geri, Chuck and our HoundHerd, Scotty, DoogieBowser and Radar!


  1. Great place, we just gotta' go see it !

  2. Is the weather still warm enough this time of year? We pretty much live with the elements as they are (we don't heat or cool our air much).

    1. We are having great weather right now! Days 70's, nights 40's with plentiful sunshine! However, Mother Nature still rules... weather subject to her whim! Last year it snowed after Thanksgiving!

  3. We were at City Of Rocks a few years ago & I just loved the place with all it's big rocks & easy rock scrambles. Luckily it rained one morning & that enabled me to get some nice photos with stormy skies & rain puddles in the rocks. Made for some nice natural photo lighting too.

    1. I bet you and your camera had a good old out here!

  4. Beautiful! Can't wait to start moving east.

    1. We can't wait to see you again either. You are still welcome to hook up at our place, we think you will fit just fine there!

  5. Wonderful post, Geri, and the photos are fantastic! I feel like I've visited City of Rocks today. I'm sorry I didn't camp there while in NM but I surely will when I go back. Great info on boondocking sites.. . Thanks, Sue

  6. You brought back pleasant memories of my visit there while I stayed at the LOW's park in Deming a few years ago. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the great photo tour Chuck & Geri.


  8. Hello again! Just wanted to post a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on your blog. I'm looking forward to seeing you both in 2013.



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