Friday, November 7, 2008

Roper Lake State Park, Safford AZ

I know I need to catch you up on the past 14 days......... but I just wanted to share where we are now! Chuck and I have found a favorite new campground and we found it by accident! After driving 2 hours on graded dirt roads headed out of Young AZ, roads that were more like washboard than graded with hairpin turns and mostly downhill. Several hours after finding paved road again, Chuck was ready for a campground!

We are both sick with cold/flu and have been since Lake Casita CA where we left 8 days ago. I just looked on the Atlas map of Arizona and found Roper Lake State Park, just south of Safford AZ. It was about an hour away. We didn't have high hopes for this park after passing the "seen better days" neighborhood homes on the road here. At the front gate was a guy with a great big smile and welcome attitude. The camping fee is only $16 a night for water and electric! The best perk of all is the hot springs that flow into a rock lined hot tub at a perfect 97 degrees! To 2 sick campers.... this sounded great! We paid for one night and drove on in to find a spot! WOW! This park is beautiful! The campsites are well spaced with plenty of room and none of that "parking lot" feel that you get at some campgrounds.

The lake is an amazing blue color, nothing like I have ever seen anywhere else! The lake is full of ducks that Chuck says are Greebs. This morning, while walking the dogs, a group of gambrel quail paraded across the campground. Grin! The lake is stocked with trout from Nov. to March, there are trails everywhere and mountain view on 2 sides of us! We paid for 3 more nights! We love it here! We are applying for positions here as workampers! It feels like we have found our second home! Enjoy the photos!


  1. That is Mt. Graham in the background ! It will have snow on it before long ! Nice place, and , with a hot tub ! SWEET !!
    Should you guys winter up there, it would be just a short trip back up US 70 thru Globe to be back on the Mogollon Rim when the weather turns warm again ! The elevation along the rim is about 6/7 k.

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  3. What a great place that must be! Man, it was 25 degrees when I left for WORK this morning. We're hoping to travel in January or February. Hope we find some good warm spots.


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