Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let me catch up!

After leaving Roper Lake State Park, Chuck and I headed to Texas to see our friend Pete Marks and his furkid Oscar! By the time we got there we were both so sick with bad colds, we decided to visit a "doc-in-a-box" clinic and see if we were dying or not! Turns out I had bronchitis and Chuck was close to it, We got our prescriptions and stayed in bed for a couple of days before we even felt like visiting with Pete! Pete's house is beautiful! Very Zen in it's simplicity with beautiful art everywhere! Deer roam around everyone's yards with total freedom. Pete cooked us a wonderful meal, showed us his flute collection and even played several songs for us. Haunting melodies! Just a wonderful time, we were sorry to have to head home, but Thanksgiving was only a week away and we were due to be in Leesburg at Chuck's niece's house for our Thanksgiving dinner! Chuck's sister flew in from CA and nephew flew in from Dallas so we had to show up too! This ends the adventures of 2008!

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