Thursday, July 2, 2009

1935 Plmouth, WOW!

One of the very real reminders of what life used to be like in the now ghost town of Lake Valley NM is this beatiful old 1935 Plymouth! Now..., taking up residence in the back seat is a family of birds. You can tell from all the sticks arranges just so.

Also taking shelter from the desert heat is a cotton tail, cooling his heels under the wheel well.

Sitting outside the car, is the old engine, a flat head 6 cylinder, waiting for someone like Jay Leno to breathe life into it again!

Sitting out in a field, all but forgotten, this car is rusting ever so gracefully under the New Mexico sun.

The lines are still beautiful..........

The steering wheel dreams of guiding someone down the road again.

The body is still in very good shape, just a few dings

and a few dents but this beauty could be restored and brought back to life.

The trip to Lake Valley was really amazing! I will add more photos of the town itself next. I was just so impressed with this old beauty, I just wanted to devote a whole section to just this. I hope you enjoyed it. Chuck and I loved visiting this town! ~ Geri

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  1. The original owners would be amazed to think their trusty steed would be immortalized in the next century by someone using a camera without film, for people all over the world to view on some fancy "typewriter with a picture viewer"

    You really brought out the strong, distinguished beauty of this classic. THANKS!


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