Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rock Hounds at home!

Here is a sure enough warning........... it's too darned easy to catch rock pox out here! Chuck and I have become very serious about our new hobby!

We have rocks everywhere outside our trailer!

In the rocks above are samples of copper, pyrite, silver and possibly a gold fleck in the quartz in the lower left.

Our Rock Pox has gotten so bad, we can't even barbecue anymore! The grill is covered with rocks!

Chuck bought a 3 chambered tumbler to tumble some of the rocks! Shucks, we need 4 more of these just to tumble the ones we got lined up and waiting to be tumbled! Linda, we should have our first batch totally tumbled and polished when you come out in a few weeks!

We can't even sit down outside, every available space is covered with rocks!

Rocks, rocks and more rocks! But this is a fun hobby that Chuck and I can do together! We go out and roam the country side. We got lots of rock books on where and how to find what. That helps! Plus there are several good rock shops around to help identify what we find.
Ryan, Kyle and Denae......... you need any good rocks for show and tell at school? We will be glad to send you some! Linda, you need any mineral samples for your science classes? We can go explore one day when you come out in a few weeks or you can just pick and choose from our collection!
Read on below and you will see where we go exploring! Hope you enjoy the journey!
Geri and Chuck !!!

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