Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lake Greeson Day 1

We made it to Lake Greeson!

Visiting in the MotherShip are left to right,
Chuck(FL), Pete Marks (TX) with Oscar on his lap, Karen and Tom Whaley(VA) and the furkids Doogie Bowser and Scotty.
When we arrived, Pete and Oscar were here to greet us! So were Fran and Al! Betty and Larry (aka Mountainborn) were back in Mena on business but due back at camp around 7 pm. Shortly after we got set up, in rolls Karen and Tom with their furkid Susie.
We all got together just before dark down at Mountainborn's camp around a big warm campfire!
Day One drawing to a close. So glad to be here, it's so beautiful! For those of you not familiar with where it is, look on your Arkansas map for Crater of Diamonds SP. It's about 20 miles north of that! Highway 27 north out of Murfreesboro to Highway 84, look for the Lake Greeson Kirby Landing sign! Beautiful campground! $9.00 a night for senior citizens!

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