Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tues night Wednesday Thurs AM

Wow! Three Oliver's all in one photo! Top one belongs to Aubrey, our ragin' cajun! Middle one belongs to Steve and Tali. Front one belongs to Larry and Betty! We have 2 more camped here, Pete and Oscar, Karen and Tom Whaley. FIVE OLIVERS in one campground... is that a record ????

Captain Fran took all of us ladies on a wonderful boat ride around Lake Greeson on Wednesday! It was sooooo much fun!

Fran and Betty have been friends for over 10 years!

With Captain Fran at the helm, we had a great ladies only boat ride Wednesday afternoon! It was great! Thank you Fran for taking us all out for a good time!

Betty and Tali enjoy conversation while riding over Lake Greeson!

Chimney Rock was a point of interest on our afternoon boat ride.

Fran's parents joined us for fried catfish and good food Wednesday afternoon! They are in their 90's and so much fun! Sharp wits, both! We feel honored to have met them!

Chuck, Aubrey and Tom get into deep conversation while waiting for supper!

The food begins to fill the table as we get ready to eat Wednesday afternoon.

Is there anything better than good friends and good food served outdoors ????

Betty and Al are hard at work frying catfish, & hushpuppies! Everyone brought good covered dishes! Pete made a killer coleslaw salad, Karen and Tom brought a tasty spinach salad with cranberries and walnuts! I made potato salad. So much food I can't remember who brought what... but everybody brought a big appetite!

Betty and Al putting the cornmeal on the catfish Wednesday afternoon for supper!

Thursday's catch! 3 very large 20+ lbs catfish plus quite a few more of the normal sized variety! Larry says this makes 300 lbs of catfish brought in so far this week! mmmmmm good eatin'!
Before it hits the frying pan!

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