Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just a quick note....

We went to visit Dr. Kaler in Hot Springs on Monday.  He seems ok with my progress and told us happy trails! So yesterday, Tuesday we caught up on our laundry and today we start re-packing the MotherShip. After almost a month here at Lake Greeson Arkansas, things kinda got comfey and homey!  DoogieBowser has even taken to defending our campground space like it's home! It is beautiful here and it's been a great place to be! But we are ready and anxious to be heading west again so tomorrow 5-20-2010 we head out for Ellis Kansas to visit our friend Emily Ogle.  Since I have zero energy level and a still tender tummy, we only plan to travel 4-5 hours a day. It may take us 2-3 days to get there, but we are in no hurry, however it would be nice to spend time with Em when she's not working! We will try to get there on Saturday. Just wanted ya'll to know what's up in our corner of the world. Keep in touch and know we love you! Geri, Chuck  Scotty-Boy and DoogieBowser


  1. Glad the doc gave ya' the "good to go" thumbs up ! See you guys up high in the Rockys.

  2. Sat would be great, house will be clean (debatable), housemates laundry done, my hair will be cut and it will be "perky" (perkier is better what with all this rain).

    Sat will have ALLLLLLL day with you.

  3. Geri, Enjoy your Kindle!!!!
    Chuck, Wind? Ollie doesn't feel wind.
    (he, he, he)

    Glad you're both having so much fun. Oscar says hi to Scottie & Doogie


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