Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lake Greeson Days winding down!

I just want everybody to know I am ok! To those of you that don't know, I had to go to the hosp 4-30-2010 with internal bleeding. Had to have lapband removed! Feeling much better!  Go to Dr. Kaler on Monday to get checked. We are paid up here at Lake Greeson until May 20. If all is ok, we should leave the 21st headed to Kansas to see Emily Ogle! Then on to Spearfish SD to see Paul and Diane Thibodeaux! I'll keep ya'll posted!

Thanks to Glenda for this fun photo of me with Betty and Tali on the ladies boat ride!

Oscar even comes over to visit with me, leaving Pete at home!! Chuck and I got these great anti-gravity lounge chairs the other day at SAM's Club and they are great! Wow!  Comfey!

Chuck has been taking very good care of me! Here I am resting with my feet up just to prove it! Meanwhile, Chuck is in town doing laundry!

Scotty-Boy takes good care of me too! I get lots of lovin' from my guys!

Tucked away in the beautiful wooded campsite overlooking Lake Greeson is our MotherShip! We have had such a good time here!  Unexpected hospital 8 day stay for me, but I'm doing better! (Thanks to Tali and Steve who recognised there was something very wrong and urged Chuck to take me to ER asap!)
The only ones left from the JugFest 2010 are Pete and Oscar and they leave tomorrow.....  We had such a wonderful time here with everybody! It was so much fun seeing old friends and making new ones! Ya'll keep in touch, ya hear? (Grin!)  Geri, Chuck, Scotty-Boy and Doogie-Bowser, we love all of you!

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