Friday, October 28, 2011

Maho and Yuti come to visit!

 I am very behind on the blog! I will try to get caught up! The MotherShip landed Chuck, Geri and the Hound Herd at their home in Truth or Consequences NM mid-August. We will be staying here this winter, leaving mid-March for our workamping job in Virgin Utah at The Zion River Resort.

This will be the longest amount of time we have been off the road and out of The MotherShip! September 7th-10th, Maho and her friend Yuta, visited us from Tokyo Japan!  Maho workamped with us 2 summers ago at Riverbend Hot Springs!
We had a great time at Riverbend and Chuck and I adopted Maho! It was good to see her again and meet her friend Yuta!

Maho and Yuta with the miners at our favorite Mexican restaurant La Cocina, in T or C!

 Maho still takes pictures of her food before eating it!
 Yuta finishes his plate, but Maho still has some to go!
Yuta, Chuck and the Hound Herd in Chloride NM!

 Maho relaxes while Chuck and Yuta drink beer and work the BBQ grill loaded down with huge porterhouse steaks! Yummy dinner!
Maho, Yuta and Chuck soaking in the beautiful hot mineral springs of Riverbend Hot Springs!

They were only here 2 full days, but we had a great visit! We hope they will come back and visit again!

Oct 6th and 7th, Paul and Diane Thibodeaux visited is! They are fulltimers... meaning they live in their 5th wheel full time going from workamp job to workamp job, exploring America as they go!  I guess I must have been brain dead, I carried my camera but took no photos! We did a tour of our favorite ghost town of Chloride and ate dinner at our favorite local restaurant, Groovy Gritz!  Good meal! Good Time!
We hope that Paul and Diane come back for a visit too and we wish them safe travels wherever their Gypsy Feet lead them!

That's all for now... will work harder to keep ya'll in the loop with us! We are enjoying our "vacation" at home and we are praying for a mild, snow free winter!

Mother Nature gave us an amazing sunset our first week home! This was taken from our front yard looking at the Turtle Mountain as the sun painted it red and even reflected the red off the storm cloud above the mountain!

Happy Trails to You!
Geri, Chuck, Scotty, Doogie Bowser and Radar!

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