Friday, July 22, 2011

Lake Powell at Wahweap Campground

This is our favorite campground for just kicking back and relaxing!  Beautiful, big, concrete level sites with excellent fire pits, charcoal grills and picnic tables! The lake is the result of the Colorado River being dammed up and providing power for as far away as Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson. The waters that formed Lake Powell  covered up the beautiful area known as Glen Canyon. If you haven't yet read "Monkey Wrench Gang" by Edward Abbey, I suggest you do so! Great book about this area.

The entrance to the campground!

 We had a trio of ravens that visited our camp site daily, this is one of them. They "talked" constantly! :-)

This was our camp site at Lake Powell this year. That white unit at the back of The MotherShip is the new "swamp cooler" we had installed. Out west there is little to no humidity and air conditioners need humidty to work properly. Swamp coolers work out west because they are water cooled, they work where air conditioners won't! Our swamp cooler will drop the temperature 20 degrees.

The colors here are the muted pinks of the sandstone formations, the brilliant turquoise of the water and skies. The colors change constantly, shifting with the clouds and the rotation of the Earthmother.

There was rain predicted and we got some, but generally the skies were amazingly blue and decorated with a few clouds.

Seems there are several companies catering to European teens, touring them around the southwest in vans pulling trailers loaded with tents and supplies. We have seen them in almost every campground we visited! What a wonderful experience for them!

Lake Powell is always full of boats!

With more arriving daily! This is a huge houseboat!

This is the dam that creates Lake Powell.
Remember, you can click on to any photo to bring it to full size for better viewing!

House boat docked on the lake.

The colors and textures here are amazing!

This is only one area of the marina!
There are also other marinas around the lake.

At the north end of Wahweap are the Bluffs.
There are about 6 of these little shelters.
Great place to come meditate, read a book or
just sit back and enjoy the view!

This is the "swimming beach" across from the campground.

This was a visitor one night when it was almost too 
dark to get a good crisp image. But I was amazed
at how the dusky light picked up the pink and blue hues.

We were here during the full moon!

This is the orchid like flower of the mesquite tree. The flower is about as big as your thumb nail!

When we were here last year, we also visited Lee's Ferry!  This is about 45 minutes from Lake Powell and worth the visit! Here is a link to that blog in case you missed it!

Another really good book about Lake Powell is "Wet Desert" by Gary Hanson.  Both books I have suggested are fiction novels, but fun to read as well as informative!

I am behind with the blog again, we have visited Zion National Park last week and this week we are in Panguitch Utah. We leave here today to go back to Lake Powell for one last night then on down to Camp Verde AZ to visit our friend John from our Riverbend Hot Springs days!  We get to see John about once a year! Slowly we are heading back home to Truth or Consequences NM.
We hope you enjoyed this visit to Lake Powell and keep in touch, we love hearing from you!

Happy Trails to you from The MotherShip gang, Geri, Chuck and our furkids, Scotty, DoogieBowser and Radar!

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  1. Beautiful, but it was much, much prettier when I rode the Colorado River, starting at Lee's Ferry. We waved at our family members, standing on the GCBridge, waiting to see us float by on our venture down thru the Grand Canyon. That was back in June 1960. Ah, the memories - too bad had to be covered up.


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