Sunday, December 18, 2011

Soaking in the Hot Springs

As ya'll know, Chuck and I love to soak in the wonderful hot mineral springs that are what Truth or Consequences NM is all about! We really love Riverbend Hot Springs in the warmer months, all of their springs are outside facing the Rio Grande River and the spa is just a beautiful, artsy place that we love to visit. Chuck and I workamped there the summer of 2009.

This is our friends Larry and Betty Harmon, full time RV'ers and bloggers visiting us and soaking at Riverbend!

But this week, Chuck and I decided to soak in a different hot springs resort. Blackstone Hot Springs.

Here they have what they call "The Wet Room". WOW! What an experience!

Here, you get a whole room all to yourself with a huge tub with all different levels you can sit on! You can soak as deep or as shallow as you want! The water is HOT! WE WENT IN VERY SLOWLY... ABOUT AN INCH AT A TIME! In just a few minutes we were all the way in and soaking. It felt soooooo gooooood!

Next to the tub is the steam room! The steam is caused by a big waterfall of mineral hot springs water! You sit under it, as Chuck is in this photograph... and it relaxes all your muscles. You leave the steam room feeling like a limp noodle! We loved it. Also included in this room is a shower, so after we soaked our hour, we took a shower and headed home totally relaxed and renewed! I totally recommend that anybody take time to experience soaking in a mineral hot springs. The ones here in Truth or Consequences have no sulpher odor.. or any odor of any kind for that matter! The whole town sits on a huge aquifer of mineral hot springs that are some of the best America has to offer!

Chuck and I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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