Friday, December 2, 2011

Lost Photos, New Friends and SNOW!

I had put my little Fugi camera away last summer, opting to use my trusty old Nikon D-70. It has a much faster responding shutterspeed for when I am shooting through the windshield of the truck as we go speeding through all of beautiful America! Chuck is a great tour director!

I got the Fugi out the other day, when we went down to Percha Dam State Park to visit our fulltime camping buddy Sue. Surprise! Surprise! Had some images on the memory card of time spent in Torrey Utah.

Chuck and I have fallen in love with Utah! It is one of the most beautiful states we have visited and we are excited that we will be working in Utah this summer!
If you look to the right side of this blog, you will see a list of past blogs.... any one of the years with summer months will have Utah photographs listed! This last summer we posted all the wonderful petroglyph sites we visited there.

We love Torrey Utah!  If you think Sedona AZ is beautiful, you ain't seen Torrey Utah! This was taken from our campground... looking north ! There is a buffalo herd somewhere in that field...

This is also from our campground looking west at the alfalfa fields being irrigated! While staying at Torrey, we stayed at 1,000 Lakes Rv Park and highly recommend it!

This was taken from one of the backroads near Torrey.  It was a good dirt road with lots of views! Chuck and I have mostly been staying in campgrounds the past few years. But we have "met" fellow campers on their blogs who prefer boondocking. There are many places around Torrey to dry camp!

Torrey Utah is surrounded with beautiful red rocks! Torrey is Sedona 30+ years ago, when I first visited Sedona. Sedona is now such a touristy trap, overgrown to the point that most of the original beauty I found there is now hidden by "progress"!
Torrey is a small town on a small highway. One gas station, one grocery and several good restaurants!
Here is a link to Torrey:
OK We are caught up on the lost photos of summer, now for the current life of the MotherShip Crew!


Scotty, DoogieBowser and Radar are our furkids!

Meet Sue!  Sue is a lady full timing in her Casita. We met her through Emily who linked us to her blog. Sue's blog is well worth reading! She is an excellent writer and I look at her blog every day. Unlike me who posts only sporadically, Sue posts almost every day and it's always interesting!

Sue is in the process of getting solar installed! She is from Georgia, soft spoken and funny. She travels with her "crew" of 2 rat terriers Bridgette and Spike. She left Georgia several months ago and has had gypsy feet ever since. She and her crew have become good friends and will be missed as she heads for warmer weather in the deserts of Arizona! Chuck and Sue are looking at the maps as we share some of our favorite places with her!

We are the tail end of that storm that roared into California yesterday! Our winds came last night, but not nearly as strong here as in Alburqueque or California, but real gusty at times! The temp is now 37F and this morning when I walked the hound herd, there was ice on the "duck pond". the duck pond is a wash tub we keep under the gutter to catch rain so we can water our plants!

Poor duckie is stuck in the pond!

The winds were so strong, all the leaves on our mulberry tree blew off!

Looking west, over Truth or Consequences NM, you can see the bad weather coming in over the Black Range Mountains! Right now, at noon, we are seeing snow flurries floating around!

MotherShip awaits her orders! She is ready to take off for warmer weather if her crew would just get on board! We now dock the MotherShip across the street from our place. Chuck trades helping our elderly neighbor with yardwork so that we can dock nearby. We are lucky to have such good neighbors here!

Happy Trails to you from the MotherShip Crew!


  1. I sure do agree with you about Utah's beauty. Have said many times in my blog that Utah is my favorite State. Wished it was further south and warmer in the winter though because that's where we would hang out for sure:))

  2. We will be workamping in Virgin UT from May 1st to Sept 1st at Zion River RV Resort, 12 miles from Zion National Park! Come by and see us!


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