Monday, January 30, 2012

On The Road Again, Continued !

Hi again! We arrived at our home base in Truth or Consequences NM on Saturday, Jan 28.  I am going to backtrack a bit from my last blog because I had such a poor wifi signal, I couldn't upload several of the photos that I wanted to show you from Sue's Pond near Yuma AZ.

Texas Canyon

First thing I want to set straight is that Texas Canyon is located at the second rest area as you enter AZ from the East!  The whole area of Texas Canyon is a beautiful area and worth exploring!  I spent several days there way back in the early 1980's when I was travelling and living in my slide in camper on my GMC pick-up truck! This area is wonderful for your imagination to explode.... remembering all the TV westerns!

RV Sue's Casita parked next to the pond. Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but this beautiful pond is located on BLM land (bureau of land management) and you can camp there for 2 weeks FREE, but there are no hook-ups. You have to go into Yuma to dump the black and grey tanks and fill up with water!

 The MotherShip and the BLT (Best Little Trailer) enjoying the sunset at Sue's Pond!

Quartzsite !!

We arrived on Friday the 13th !  Only a couple of hours (if that long) north of Yuma, we finally arrived at Quartzsite and found all of our friends and their shiny white Casita's nestled at the base of Dome Rock!
Friday the 13th soon lived up to it's reputation! As Chuck was unhooking our truck from The MotherShip, the electrical cord that connects from the truck to The MotherShip that runs the brake lights, recharge the batteries on board the trailer etc etc while on the road. When Chuck unhooked that cord between the MotherShip and the truck, that cord slipped off where he usually places it when he pulls the truck away. The cord got stuck behind the rear guard flaps bar that sits in the receiver hitch of the truck. Before I could yell at Chuck to stop, he pulled forward and pulled that huge electrical cord out of the MotherShip and it landed on the ground! Yikes!!!! One of our new and friendly Casita friends, Bill, came over and can you believe it??? Bill is a retired electrical engineer and in just a few hours and a couple of trips to town for parts, he and Chuck mended The MotherShip!!!!
Not totally fixed, but fixed enough to get us home. Trailer running lights weren't working and neitheWoW! So great to meet you! So nice of you to help us!

MotherShip Lives Up To Her Name!

The MotherShip soon became the meeting place! Several windy, cold days made sitting outside uncomfortable! We all gathered in the warmth of The MotherShip! From Left to right, Sue, Bill, Cleet, Chuck and Sue with the ever present Bridgette who never wants to leave Sue's lap! :-) ScottyBoy is comfey at Sue's feet!

Sue's Crew consists of 2 Rat Terriers, Bridgette on her lap and Spike at her feet! They keep her company on her travels in her Casita! Sue is a retired schoolteacher from Georgia and she has a cool blog you might want to check her out:
Unlike me, Sue posts almost everyday and she is a very good writer and her blogs are fun to read!

First Campfire

What a feast! Everybody donated something and we

hot dogs and had lotsa goodies to go with them!
Speaking of Dogs...  seems everybody had at least one! 
Jim and Carol brought the one, the famous in Casita worlds, Jerry the cat!
Meet Jerry, the Cat!
Jerry, the cat sits on Carol's lap at our gathering! Jerry is very social, he has been travelling with Jim and Carol for 6 years and loves it! Bill's wife Ann, even made a special stained glass window for Jerry's Casita (that he generously shares with Jim and Carol!)

Jim, Carol and Jerry!

Goin' to the Dogs!

Ann, relaxing with Samantha!
Bill and Julie, his lap warmer!

Clete and Diego!

There were several other campers with their dogs, but seems I got distracted and didn't get their photographs!  It was a fun group as you can see! We had a ball. I will post again tomorrow, more about the Quartzsite experience and our friends!
Wishing you lots of laughter in your life!

The MotherShip Crew,Geri,Chuck and the Hound Herd!


  1. Glad that help with the lights was nearby and that you guys had a safe trip home.

  2. Thanks Larry! It was indeed great to have Bill come and help with the wiring!

  3. Love the cloud formation in your pictures of Sue's pond. Good to see pics of Sue too. Is that a map Chuck is looking at?

  4. Yeah, Chuck was trying to show Sue some of our favorite places!


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