Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quartzsite days

Solar !!!

RVSue has a solar panel mounted on her van, the PTV! (Perfect Tow Vehicle), she is showing Chuck how she raises it up to catch the best of the sun's energy!
Next, Bill comes over to check it out. Bill and Ann have a solar panel attached to their Casita also!

Solar panel is up! Chuck and Bill approve while Scotty and DoogieBowser look for Sue's crew!
Her dogs come by later for a visit!

You can see Bill and Ann's solar panel mounted at a permanent angle on their Casita in the background!

The "Q" Experience

Quartzsite takes on a carnival experience every Spring! Colorful tents pop up like weird desert blooms!

The closer you get to the carnival, the worse the traffic becomes!

Flags flying, children crying, feet dying!
We walked and walked and walked! So Many vendors! So little energy! LOL!

 Traffic going in to town, traffic leaving town! I was lucky, I just bought a couple of pair of socks and some ice cream!

"Q" Gives a sunset !

Our campsite at Dome Rock lit up our last night there! What a sky, what mountains!

The Ocotillo cactus behind Sue's rig, reaches
up into the sky as if to greet the sunset!

This was our last campfire and our last gathering of friends! Clete and Chris had left this morning and tomorrow this campground would be empty!

 Oh.... but what a glorious sunset for our goodbyes!

Our last morning... from left to right:
Sue, Chuck, Bill and Ann, ??? and Rosemary (jeeeeeze--- I forgot your husband's name!),and Jim and Carol, all pets there and accounted for!
Jim and Carol left right after this group photo! Several folks had already left, but they had arrived a few days earlier than we did... sadly I didn't get any photos of some of these nice folks!

Bill and Ann left next, headed to Sue's Pond near Yuma. Sue and Chuck and I decided we needed breakfast at the great Mountain Quail Cafe! Then we filled propane tanks and headed back to the "Q" circus to see if we missed anything! Sue picked up a few needed gadgets and some LED lights. We spent one more night in camp and then we headed down to Sue's Pond near Yuma! We had so much fun (EXCEPTING for the electrical problems!) and we were glad we made the trip! We made new friends and reacquainted with our old friends! Life is good!
See ya at Sue's Pond next then on to Ajo!
Geri, Chuck and the Hound Herd!

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