Thursday, February 2, 2012

Boondocking With the Sagauro


Finally we see the sign "Entering Ajo".

As soon as the MotherShip is docked, Chuck sits down with a glass of wine to toast the beauty that is the Sonoran Desert. Saguaro cacti surround our campsite!These royality of the desert are huge! AND very old. Most are 50 years old before they start growing their arms!

We arrived in the late afternoon, and before long Ann and Bill walked up for a visit. They, along with RV Sue, arrived the previous day. Soon, the Arizona sky treated us to our first Sonoran Sunset!

The beauty of the sunset reflected in the back window of The MotherShip!

Is there anything more beautiful than a windmill at sunset with saguaro all around?
The desert night sky.  Glorious first night here! It was fun to share it with Ann and Bill.

Ann plays with Samantha, her beagle. She had to get Sammy a special pair of booties while in Quartzsite because Sammy cut her foot on a piece of glass. The booty protected her feet! She actually loved them and wore them proudly!
Ann has a great stained glass business. She creates stained glass windows for RV's! She makes them to fit the front door or cresent shaped ones to fit snug in the corner of RV windows! If you remember about 3 blogs ago, I showed the stained glass window of Jerry the cat? That was Ann's creation! If you would like to take a look at her work, this is her website!

 The next morning, the sun rose with blinding colors. Here you can see the reflection of the sunrise against the MotherShip on the left with the actual sunrise on the right! The desert skies are amazing!


Just as Chuck and I were getting ready to walk our hound herd, we got to meet the famous bloggers from Canada! It was ultimately through Al and Kelly that we found this beautiful spot in the desert! They told Sue via their blog,
then Sue told me and introduced me to their blog. I have been following it ever since! Great folks who drift down to the SouthWest from Canada! They travel with 2 dogs, Pheebs and Motormouse... who didn't get to come and meet the hound herd!

Chuck having a serious conversation with Al and Kelly! The Bayfield Bunch prefers boondocking over staying in campgrounds and have discovered many free BLM (Bureau of Land Management) camping areas thoughout the SouthWest.

It was great meeting you two! Thank you for letting us share your piece of heaven! Wish we could have stayed longer!

 Radar and DoogieBowser look out the door of the MotherShip hoping to see Pheebs and Motormouse!

Scotty taking it easy on his doggie bed!

Later that morning, the hound herd did get to visit with Samantha and Julie. Ann and Bill went hiking and ended up at our front yard for a fun visit! Really glad we met them at Quartzsite! They are from Oregon and this is their first visit to the Sonoran Desert!

Then Sue shows up and we have a party!
Ann found a sign painted on an old piece of tin scribbled in Spanish translated to "This camp occupied".  The hound herd have to check out the visitors. From Left, Chuck, Sue, Ann and Bill, hounds... white one is DoogieBowser, black etc is Scotty and red/brown one is Radar.

Unfortunately, the desert is littered with trash, more than just the small tin sign! In the above photo of Ann and Samatha you see an old kerosene can that Chuck found discarded and here is the body of an old Radio Flyer wagon... some of the discarded items are great reminders of days gone by!

The MotherShip sits amid the saguaro, mountains and a copper mine on the right!

 This was our front yard, we loved it here!

 Colorful Ocotillo near our campsite!

Sometimes, it seems the saguaro are purposely striking funny poses! See the little Casita travel trailer tucked behind them? BLM land has lots of folks taking advantage of the Arizona sun and the free camping!

The day gave way to strong winds, leaving us with  weird windswept clouds above us!

No real sunset tonight, just these unusual clouds.

The next morning Chuck decided we needed to leave. The batteries  in the MotherShip were not holding a charge, even after Bill brought down his generator yesterday and charged them for an hour. We need to leave this beautiful place and go back home to trusted and known mechanics to get the MotherShip checked out!

The MotherShip in the distance with a grouping of saguaro, Ocotillo and barrel cactus against in impossible blue sky makes leaving here harder.

Goodbye Darby Wells Road

Leaving and headed north through Ajo AZ.

We hope you enjoyed boondocking with us!
Happy Trails from Geri. Chuck and the hound herd!


  1. Love, love, love your pictures, Geri! Those doggies look like they're having a blast, too! Cheeto would be very cautious!

  2. Thanks Diane! It's still winter here, so most everything is still in hibernation!

  3. Those were sure good times. Thank goodness for blogs to help keep our memories fresh. Kelly & Al


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