Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On the road ro Ajo AZ !


Restful sunset at Sue's Pond with white egret and great blue heron in the background.

Ann and Bill left the day before, and we were to meet them the next day at Sue's Pond near Yuma.
Sue was there also when we arrived! We had decided to stay at a nearby campground with utilities so we could charge up the MotherShip's batteries.
We finally got there about sunset, just in time for the evening performances of the coots, the white egret and the great blue heron!

Ann and Bill's Casita reflected in Sue's Pond.

Sue's PTV and  BLT camped under a cottonwood tree at Sue's Pond. PTV Perfect Tow Vehicle and
Best Little Trailer!

Chuck, Sue, Bill and Ann all enjoying a perfect sunset!

The next day Sue, Bill and Ann hitched up their Casitas and headed to Painted Rocks!
(exit 102 on Interstate 8 near Gila Bend AZ)
Chuck decided that we should stay in the rv park one more night to get a full charge to our batteries. We were still experiencing some electrical problems.

The Casita Convoy spent that night at Painted Rocks. They had a great boon docking campground there. Ann also gave such glowing reviews of the petroglyphs there, Chuck and I decided to stop on our way to Ajo AZ.

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When you first walk into the area of the rocks, you see this huge pile of rocks in front of you. Every single one of them has rock writing of some sort! It reminded us of the petroglyphs found at Three Rivers in NM.

Some of these stones were covered with petroglyphs!
This rock was about the size of a very large pig!

This was a very interesting stop, one well worth making. Chuck and I decided not to stay at the campground here, but to head on down to Ajo to meet Ann, Bill and Sue boondocking at Darby Wells.
Because we have so much to show you from our visit at Darby Wells, I will continue on the next blog. Hope you enjoyed your visit !!!  Geri, Chuck and the hound herd.

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