Monday, June 3, 2013

Leaving RVSue and Utah too!

I have been working on this blog for several days, BlogSpot is not co-operating! It is not letting me resize my photographs like it usually does. Grrrr!
Therefore, if you want to see the photos full size, PLEASE try clicking on it and the photograph should come up. I apologize and IF I can figure this glitch out, I will come back and resize all the images for you!
Leaving RVSue and Crew and Utah!
We had a great time.... checking out all the restaurants!  LOL! Sue loved our favorite from the Twin Bluff Cafe, Navajo Pizza - A normal Italian style pizza placed on top of Indian fry bread! Yummy!
Chuck loves this! Can you tell?
We spent 3 days at Sand Island with Sue and then moved up to Cadillac Ranch in Bluff Utah. Two of our good friends, Tim and Diana manage this campground. It's small, a bit close together, but we have never been sorry we stopped here. Cost is $25.00 per night with FHU (full hook ups) a nice shower and laundry onsite and the views are wonderful!

This year we had a special treat at Cadillac Ranch, near sunset, a flock of white face black Ibis flew into the pond at the park! Unfortunately I did not have the 300mm zoom lens on.... but you get the idea!
 Chuck and Sue visited the Bluff Fort while I dogsat for Bridgette and Spike!

Both Bridgette and Spike were overjoyed when Sue came home! Separation anxiety? Not much!
Sue isn't much for posing, but then neither am I, so we both snuck a quick snap sneaky photo of each other!
Can you spot the lizard on this tree?

If you look close below, I have outlined him in red!
He/She/It was 10 to 12 inches long!
We overnighted in Chinle again, in the Cottonwood Campground at Canyon de Chelly National Monument.  The road from Bluff, Utah to Chinle is just jaw dropping beautiful! It looks totally different
depending on whether you are headed nort or south on Highway 191.  On this day, we hit the scenic roadway right after a rainstorm had passed over. Wet rocks are much more colorful than dry rocks and it was amazing!

This above shot was the beginning of a steep downhill curve and I was yelling at Chuck to slow down and still managed to snap this image through the window! The one below is just layers of colors dressing the earthmother! Shot this one out the passenger window.

 Below is the storm that had just passed over, giving the rocks their colorful beauty!
Always remember when driving on any Native American Reservation, it is open range... horses, cattle, sheep, goats ALL have the right of way. Please drive accordingly!

Datil Well Recreation Area Campground

We discovered this nice campground just off of Highway 60 in western NM. Just a mile or so out of
the town of Datil and down a short dirt road you will see the Visitor Center and campground on your left!
 A whole lot of history happened around here!
There area scenic mountains all around the campground area,
The sites are well spaced with a lot of foliage spaced in between. There will be $300,000 worth of improvements taking place here this year. The only problem we had was finding a level area for the MotherShip but we were assured that leveling the sites was high on the list of repairs as are showers. The pit toilets were nice though.
There are well marked hiking paths throughout.
We liked it so well, nice and cool temps, we stayed 3 nights and with our geezer pass it was $2.50 a night!
$5.00 for those of you too young for a geezer pass.
However, Radar was missing RVSue and the crew and so were we! It was a fun week.
We will be heading to Arizona to visit some good friends in the next few weeks. I promise a good blog!
Meanwhile that is it from the MotherShip Crew: Chuck, Geri, Radar and DoogieBowser! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. wow. . .great vistas!

    If you utilize Windows format. . .try Windows Live Writer. . .it's free. . .much easier to format your blog posts offline. . .and then just upload them.

    Recommended to me by a writer friend. . .I'll never go back to formatting in Blogger. . .too much trouble. . .give it a try! Let me know what you think. . .

    1. Thank you Janice, I will try it! Thos os the first time on 4 years of blogging that blogspot has let me down!

  2. I'm glad you said what those birds were, because I was thinking buzzards. LOL

    Oh, those colors....calendar photos for sure!!

    When I was driving semis, one of the first things I learned was NOT to hit any domesticated animal on the open range....sheep, goat, chicken, whatever! You'd think the company would just have to pay about 100 bucks for the goat. Nosiree, they had to pay for the goat, all the offspring the goat would have had (and all THEIR offspring) and if it was a nanny, all the milk she would have produced!! Expensive proposition, killing the livestock on the reservation.

    1. Oh wow! You just told me something I wasn't aware of! I had no idea it would cost other than the damage to your vehicle!

    2. That's what I was told at the time. Of course, it might have just been a horror story to keep us from running over animals! But I heard it from more than one person...

  3. I agree with Janice about working on Live Writer first.
    Something extra special about rain and red rock.
    Radar is looking cuter than ever.

    1. I am certainly gonna check Live Writer out today! Thanks Gaelyn and Janice for the ssuggestion!

  4. That pizza looks yummy. You took some beautiful pictures of the red rock mountains.

    1. Navajo pizzas are the best ever! YUM! I wish there was one here now.... maybe I should learn to make frybread and I could make my own pizzas !!

  5. I think you'll like Live Writer too. It's a beautiful part of the country that you were visiting.

  6. We love that highway 191! Strange part is, on the atlas mapa it is marked as scenic from I-10 north to Chinle as scenic...
    I disagree. I mean it's ok, just not jaw dropping! But Highway 191 North of Chinle, the Atlas just considers this plain old highway not worthy of scenic designation however, this is the most amazing part of the road! Wonder if I could get a job designating the scenic highways for the map companies?

  7. Sounds like a great time had by all. Thanks for the insight into these locations, it will be very helpful when we are passing through next year.
    Happy Trails.


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