Sunday, November 3, 2013


The Apalachicola Florida’s
50th Seafood Festival !
Apalachicola River 042
This is the view of the Apalachicola River as seen from the bridge. A small fishing village that has a new generation and an old generation appreciating the natural beauty that is alive here.
cars traffic 046
Obviously it is more appreciated during the Seafood Festival!  Lots of traffic jams but it gives you a minute to appreciate the old grandeur of the Gibson Hotel as we enter the town of Apalachicola.
After walking about 10 blocks from where we parked, we made to the front gate, we paid $5 to join the packed crowd on the other side of the gate!
crowd 061
Loved seeing all the kids with painted faces! This young lady has a shark about to gobble up her pretty brown eye!
face paint 060
Funnel Cake 062
Funnel cake anyone??

Last Ride 053              Last Ride 051                       
The “Last Ride” rat rod belonged to one of the many Harley riders in town.
Harleys 047

not perfectl 059
I need this T-shirt for Chuck!
The was more food there than you could even imagine! Look at these onion rings!
onion ringsl 070
They are HUGE!!!

Seafood  069
Long lines at the seafood vendors!

mud bugs 068
Larry Harmon loves these “Mud Bugs” or Crawfish. I have never tried one. The lines at the shrimp and oyster booths were so long and so crowded I couldn’t even elbow my way in to get a picture!

honey 054
One thing I love about this area is Tupelo Honey!  Unlike other honeys, Tupelo never turns sugary in the colder months! Yummy flavor too, from the Tupelo tree that grows along the rivers and swamps of the south!
Kelliel 044
Kellie Pickler was the star entertainment for Saturday night!  I love her, but I was worn out to a nub from all the walking and gawking around the festival site!
Kellie Pickler
But I heard that she put on a wonderful show for everybody. I “borrowed” this photo from FaceBook!
Finally we got back to the MotherShip! After we rested a few hours Chuck “created” our living room outside so we could sit, read our Kindles and enjoy the beautiful view!
home 074
homel 077
Radar and DoogieBowser approve!
home 083
Chuck and DoogieBowser!
view 071
The view out our window isn’t too bad either!
he snsets behindSunset 087
The sun sets behind us and gives our world a pinkish hue. In the morning we get the glory of a sunrise across the bay!
That tiny bit of land you see topping the horizon is St. George Island.
Radar 041
Okay…  Radar and Doogie are in the bedroom waiting for us to give it up and come to bed! So I guess we will!
Doogie 040
I am going to leave ya’ll with a photograph that I took back in the 1980’s of 3 kids who were waiting for daddy to come home!
Waiting for Daddy 07-1993 sepia gfm

Hoping you enjoyed visiting the seafood festival and our new “home” for a month or so!  We enjoyed having you along!
Happy Trails from the crew of The MotherShip… Chuck, Geri, Radar and DoogieBowser!


  1. I'm sure it was entertaining, but I think I would have more fun finding a good seafood restaurant, pigging out, then going back to camp for a nap!

    Beautiful view...

  2. Actually Ladybug, Chuck and I did eat out before we went to the festival! We knew it was going to be crowded and overpriced! So we went to a new local restaurant and Chuck had Buffalo Shrimp with a side of fried dill pickles and I had regular fried shrimp and fought Chuck for every fried pickle I could get my hands on! LOL! Food was excellent!

  3. Great blog post ! The photo of the mud bugs made my mouth water !

    1. Larry, I thought of you as soon as I saw them! I knew I had to get a photo just for you!

  4. One of your best blog posts, Geri! The photos make me feel like I'm at the festival and your text adds to the fun. The lead photo is especially nice.

    Chuck looks right at home. I'm glad you're all happy, including Doogie and Radar.

    Enjoy the view! Sue

    1. I don't do crowds well anymore, but I HAD to to this one festival! I used to show and sell my photography here at the craft booths for several years and always did very well at the Seafood Festival!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank goodness we ate before we went to the festival! We have some great local seafood restaurants to show you when you get here, you won't leave hungry!

  6. What a special landing the mothership has made...couldn't ask for much better! Love honey...I'll be on the lookout for some of that! Enjoy your R&R...sunsets and seafood!

    1. ...... don't forget the beautiful sunrises! I am watching the sun rise now, up over the bay!

  7. You're missing out on a good thing by not trying those mudbugs. I'll take good Cajun boiled crawfish over boiled shrimp any day. Festival looks like lots of fun. If I may ask; what cg are you in?

    1. We are in Gulfview Campground on highway 98, east of Eastpoint and Apalachicola. It's older, kinda rundown but I used to live back in the trailer park part of it and I know the owner and he's a nice man so I came back here. Only about 3 spaces left for $350 including W/E! The other CG around here are over a grand a month! We have lots of mature pine trees to keep us shaded from the sun and most sites have a good view of the bay! Just nothing fancy here but the scenery is amazing!

  8. To be at "home" - notin better!

    1. Are you feeling "at home" yet in T or C NM ???

  9. This is my first visit to your blog and I loved it. The photos are amazing and, rv sue said, I feel like I'm actually there. I can smell the hot oil for the funnel cakes. And the seafood aromas .... mmmmm. Thanks for sharing your visit there. I've been in Albuquerque for a week, but now start my jaunt to the southeastern US and can hardly wait to try some of that southern cuisine.

    1. Put Apalachicola on you GPS! Wonderful area, St George Island is all sugar sand and deserted beaches. Several really good state park campgounds near here... keep in touch and if you head this way... I will answer any ??? you might have!

  10. I both love and hate festivals like that. Just can't do the crowds anymore. Good idea to eat before getting there and thanks for the fried pickle review as I've been wanting to try them. I like the look of your comfy new digs.

    1. Gaelyn, I really don't like crowds either and generally avoid them But I have been to this festival so many times both as an artist exhibitor and just as a crazy lady having fun!!! I just HAD to go and jump in the whole mess! It's a part of being "home"!

  11. I LOVE OLD FLORIDA! Jeff and I have had 2 great 3-day weekend vacations with our camper this year :)...this festival looks like a must-do for next year.

  12. This is old Florida at it's best.... I will be doing a blog about this area soon!

  13. Thanks Geri, brings back memories of being there last year. The seafood looks great.

  14. Did you eat at any of the local restaurants in town? Papa Joes? Boss Oyster? Up the Creek Raw Bar or Aj's ?????


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