Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mountainborn and Butcherknife in T or C

They did it! Seems the snow is still too deep for Larry and Betty to go to their workamper job in Colorado so they came to visit us in T or C and dry roast in the 90+ degree heat and then soak in the mineral rich hot springs at our workamping job at Riverbend Hot Springs. Photos of the actual soaking will be posted tomorrow as we don't hit the tubs for another 30 minutes or so!

Betty dips her toes into the Rio Grande River! Brrrrrrr COLD!

Here they are.......... everything but the kitchen sink and rocking chair strapped to the top of their jeep, but nothing has fallen off yet!

Betty dipping toes into the Rio Grande River!

Touring the RIO Spa that is a private spa right out over the water.

This is the spa we will be using in about 25 minutes, Tierra! It is anout 103 degrees hot and with the little water fall to run over your neck and shoulders.... mmmmmm relaxing!

This shot shows 2 of the public pools that sit right next to the Rio Grand River.

And finally, many of you have asked to see our non-traditional wedding bands. Mine is made from white opals that are full of fire and color, set in sterling silver. Chuck's is Zuni inlay of turquoise, jet, coral and mother of pearl.

Ok..... time to go soak....... see ya'll later. Sure wish I could bring ya'll to the hot spring spas with us!

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