Saturday, May 2, 2009

Three Rivers Petroglyph Site 4-25-09

We arrived at Three Rivers Petroglyph Site on Friday afternoon. It was a very windy day! All morning Chuck drove against the wind from Artesia NM through the mountains. We ate lunch at Cloudcroft NM at a great little BBQ place on the highway downtown!

I couldn't remember if there was a real campground there or not. I'm pretty sure there wasn't when Linda Hughes and I first visited Three Rivers about 30 years ago. When Mom and I visited about 20 years ago, we dry camped.

but now they have a nice campground, 2 sites with warer and electric and several for dry camping (or boondocking). After Chuck and I got the last water & elec. campsite for $5 , we started up the hill to the rocks. In the photo below, you can see the Oliver under the white arrow from one of the petroglyph rocks areas.

There are rocks everywhere with all kinds of drawings on them! So many, it takes a pair of good legs and the better part of a day to explore the whole 2.5 mile hike!

The NM desert vistas are beautiful from up here! The photo below is the same as the one above, just closer up so you can see the details.

Chuck and I intend to go back and visit here again. It was so windy the day we were there,that we only did about 1/2 of the hike because it felt like we were gonna be blown off the cliffs if we didn't get off!

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