Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunset on Turtleback Mountain

We had a mass of rain clouds pass by today, no rain, but it cooled the air considerably! Welcome clouds to be sure. Then as the sun began it's climb down out of the sky, the mountains lit up! They became colorful and alive in the new light. This is Turtleback Mountain. If you look hard at the rock formation on the top right of the ridge you can see the shape of the turtle's body facing left with one leg draped over a ridge and the hump of the shell as the highest point in the photo. See it yet?

I highlighted it here for you, hoping to show it to you in better detail. The Apache named this unusual formation long ago. This formation can be seen from miles away and the Native Americans knew that at the bottom of this mountain were the healing hot mineral waters that healed the body and the spirit. The waters below Turtle Mountain were so sacred that no fighting was allowed here, yet often, warring tribes met here to soak.
The waters from the springs flow into the Rio Grand River, that flows past Turtle Mountain.

This is where Chuck and I find ourselves, camped near these beautiful hot springs under the beautiful Turtleback Mountain

at River Bend Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences NM. We are indeed blessed!

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