Sunday, November 15, 2009


Tonight we will be in Florida! I think we are going to spend a night at the state park in Port St. Joe at Cape San Blas. The plumber won't be able to fix our water problem until Tuesday, so no sense going home until we have water to wash and flush with! The trip has been great. We left Truth or Consequences 2 weeks ago today! We got to spend time with Pete and Oscar and with John both in Texas. We might go straight home too, and just stay in our camper until plumbing gets fixed, but one more adventure sounds tempting at St. Joseph Penisular State Park!

ewwwwwwwwww ugly perm, but it has loosened up some now.... not quite the brillo pad it was!
Happy Trails!


  1. Isn't it wonderful that you can take so long to get home and have an enjoyable time along the way?

  2. Wooo Hoooo ! Yall' A' Draggin' Yer' waggon !


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