Wednesday, November 11, 2009

San Antonio's Riverwalk

Yesterday John took us to downtown San Antonio's famous riverwalk. It really was beautiful! A lot of the old buildings have been restored and some are undergoing renovation now. I would love to show you photo's but as I was about to take a photo of John feeding the duck's, a passing gentleman (whom I love with all my heart) accidentally hit my hand at the same time the camera was coming out of my jeans pocket..... we stood there dumbfounded as the camera clattered to the ground and gracefully slid into the water. :-( Nobody's fault and sh** happens.

The riverwalk is lined with some of the largest cypress trees I have ever seen! There are flowers everywhere! The area reminds me of St. Augustine with all the old same style buildings.
We ate lunch on the waterfront and walked for quite a distance before I pooped out and we headed back. The restaurants were amazing! They all smelled delicious! I was a bit disappointed in the shops along the riverfront, not one of them was even interesting. Saved me some $$$. Well, for a few hours anyway, because after riverwalk, John took me to Best Buy where I bought a new camera.
A smaller camera, an Olympus Stylus 7010 with 12 megapixels and 7x zoom. Sheeeeesh! My big Nikon is only 5-something megapixels! So I promise more photos on my next post! I just gotta learn this new fangled camera! Grin!
Happy Trails!

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