Friday, November 4, 2011

Cruising the back Roads

Doggie Time !

Doogie Bowser loves cuddling with Chuck!

All the dogs love cuddling with Chuck!

At home in T or C NM!

                                                Radar strikes a pose!

Back roads from Chloride!
Chuck and I went back to Chloride for our annual Halloween visit!  After all... what better place to spend Halloween than in a genuine western ghost town ??
This time, Chuck followed me into the Apache Kid Campground in Chloride and we got the MotherShip all set up. I drove my 4x4 Chevy TrailBlazer so that we could explore the back roads around Chloride! We
knew from the locals that to do some of the roads, a 4x4 would be needed!

Road to Beaverhead

Because I was driving... I didn't get as many photos as I usually do. The road to Beaverhead was take highway 52 from Winston north a few miles then turn west on highway 59.  Highway 59 was all paved and easily traveled! It is very twisty and turny in some places, but nothing that made me nervous. It was a decent road.

The scenery was beautiful, mountains all around us. We went through a small town called Poverty Valley... or maybe Poverty Gulch. We can't agree on what the name was! HaHa! I was hoping to shoot some images of old buildings but nothing in Poverty but very nice summer homes and scenic log cabins. Nothing old and quaint.  
 The sky had incredible buttermilk clouds floating through an impossible blue sky all day!
My TrailBlazer is getting used to all these new mountain roads. If you can see the lettering just above the bumper, Chuck gave me a sticker that says
"My Escape Pod" ! Gotta love it! We decided to turn around before getting to Beaverhead, because we also wanted to check out a town named "Dusty"!
 I mean if you see a name like Dusty on your New Mexico map, you expect old, weathered, falling down western buildings right? Well, I was hoping... but

all we found were dusty dirt roads! Ha!

We found an old cemetery up on a hill..

 it was really old and in a nice location with a view!

Dusty seemed to be a town with only one or two ranches, and lots of beautiful mountains in the distance. The dirt roads were in very good shape, just very dusty!

Chuck and I want to come back and explore that small canyon between those rocky hills. Might be an interesting hike!

        Beautiful skies, gentle hills, the road was fun!

Pronghorn Antelope!

 Then suddenly up on the hill, we saw two pronghorn antelope! It is always a treat to see any kind of wildlife along the road, but pronghorn antelope are just so beautiful! You can click onto the image to get a better view!

Just before we got back to the road to Chloride
we saw this old adobe building! Chuck took the photo for me out the passenger window!  All day I had been hoping for an old building just like this!

The next day, we got up early and headed up 
Chloride Canyon! What a ride! That will be my next blog! 
I hope you enjoyed the journey on the the two back roads we visited on this blog. New Mexico is really very beautiful! Right now all the grasses have turned brown because of the drought, but it is still beautiful in our eyes! We really feel right at home here!

Happy Trails until the next adventure!
Geri, Chuck,  and our hound herd Scotty, DoogieBowser and Radar !!! Always ready for an adventure!

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