Saturday, November 26, 2011

More Cranes and Bosque del Apache

I guess I used up all the available space on the last blog about the cranes, so I will finish here. If you are just coming into this blog, there are 2 more related blogs before (and below) this one!

Cranes are so graceful as they cruise over the fields, looking for a place to land.

At the refuge, there were always so many cranes around, it was hard to single just one out.

There were viewing stands and viewing blinds giving the photographer a wide open view to shoot.  The problem during Festival of the Cranes week is finding a parking space near the viewing areas!

Remember, if you want to see the photographs larger, just click onto the picture!

It was hard to believe how many cranes were there, in the fields, in the air and in the water.

The best time to see a gazillion birds is near sunset!
Here the cranes are flying in and landing prepared to share waterspace with the Snow Geese! 

I want to go back, taking Chuck with me and our camping friend Sue (she went to Chloride with us also) when we go! I keep talking about it, now maybe when they see the blog, we can actually set a date for a return visit!

I know there were a lot of photographs to wade through on these 3 posts, but now you should know that I took over 1,000 images that day.... it has taken me this long to whittle that quantity down to the few you see here! It was hard to edit out some that remain my favorite photos, but not wanting to bore you, my friends, to death with too many photos!

Happy Trails and Happy Holidays to all of you until we meet again!
Geri and Radar!

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