Saturday, November 26, 2011

Exploring back roads and old dusty towns!

Back Roads to Monticello NM

Last week, Nov 17, Chuck and I were supposed to go camping at the Bosque Birdwatchers RV Park so I could go take part in the Festival of Cranes.  Chuck was feeling out of sorts with a cold, so I decided to go exploring on my own! I had always wanted to go explore the "almost" ghost town of Monticello NM.
I got up early, grabbed my camera and my dog Radar, and off we went to hit the dusty back roads!
Monticello isn't very far from Truth or Consequences!

If you are travelling on I-25, take exit 76 and head west (left) to the "T" and turn north (right) on the next road. Follow the signs to Cuchillo and Highway 52. Turn west (left) at 52 and go about 5 miles to Highway 142 and turn north (right) to find Monticello about 12 miles down the road.

The first 8 miles is flat, good road but not too exciting except for the  blue mountains
layered in the distance.

When you see the road start to go sharply down, hang on because you are almost to Placitas NM.

The road into this beautiful valley is steep, but not gut wrenching like some we have traveled. You can see from the photo above how steep it was. For some reason, blogger isn't letting me enlarge my images, but you can click onto them for a better look!

The valley floor was full of golden cottonwood trees, wearing their best autumn colors!

Placitas is just a collection of small ranches scattered about, very pretty but no actual town that I saw. A few more miles up and down the road, I came to Monticello!
Monticello started out as a collection of old, really old abandoned cars and trucks!

Chuck would have loved seeing these old cars!

There were several older homes, still lived in. The streets were dusty dirt roads, but well maintained.
The road ended and I had to turn around, thankful that the MotherShip was not attached behind me. As I headed back out of town, this view of Monticello....

came into view.  I grabbed my camera for one last photograph of this quaint, dusty old western mining town, sitting on a dead end road.

I decided to get back on I-25 and head north to San Antonio and Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge!
Radar seemed to be in full agreement, he was enjoying not having to share the view with Scotty and DoogieBowser!  See you next blog at the refuge!
Happy trails!
Geri and Radar

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  1. You are having way too much fun exploring New Mexico. Way to go girlfriend.


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