Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Page/Lake Powell AZ

Waiting in Page AZ

It's so darned frustrating... just waiting on something you have no control over! Our Doctor  in NM is on vacation and apparently left nobody in charge for authorizing refills for prescriptions!  We started trying to get Chuck's prescription refilled while we were still in Hurricane Utah and nothing before we left. WalMart pharmacy told us they would forward it to Page as soon as the approval came through.  We stayed here in Page an extra day, called the clinic and made the request again, and still no prescription for Chuck!    :-(

Usually, when we come to the Page/Lake Powell area we camp at Wahweap Campground .  Their prices have gone sky high but it is a beautiful campground and worth every penny!
So we decided to try the more affordable Page-Lake Powell Campground on 849 Coppermine Road.

It's is $23 here for water and electric and it is a very nice campground close to the WalMart Pharmacy (should we need to run over there!)

 Page is a small town created when Glen Canyon dam was built. Much like how our hometown of Truth or Consequences NM emerged from the Elephant Butte dam!  See DoogieBowser grabbing his leash? He likes to walk himself!
 This campground is huge! As you can tell from the sign on the laundry, the main campers here are Europeans! They come in the RV rentals, Cruise America's etc.  There are at least 3 huge groups of teen tenters here also from Europe. Perfect time for the Europeans to come, the dollar is so devalued that  they can travel far on their euros and our gas is about $2 cheaper per gallon than their gas is back home. 
We are very happy where they put us in the campground. Off in a corner by ourselves. We had no close neighbors here, nice!

The east side of the campground is a huge red rock, and they have created an interesting hiking trail there.  Page-Lake Powell Campground offers an indoor pool, hot tub, exercise room, laundry and is dog friendly.

Chuck and I have the best luck in finding amazing restaurants!  In Page we found "Fiesta Mexicana" and OMG!!!!  It is amazing! (Gaelyn, they have one in Kanab!) The campground folks highly recommended this restaurant to us and we were glad they did! 

 The salsa that comes with the chips is good, but you haven't tasted good guacamole until you have tried it here!  YUM!
 Our server was Fernando, funny, friendly and delightful! He gave good service and we asked for him the next 2 nights we visited! Hey, good Mexican food is hard to find in Utah... we were making up for lost time now that we were in Arizona!
 Chuck got a chimichunga and I got chicken enchiladas with verde sauce. The servings were HUGE and very moderately priced!
The patio outside is colorful and it really feels like a happy place inside and out to enjoy your meal!
I do want to put in a word here about the folks who come from other countries and rent the motorhome RV's.  I just wish you would figure out the speed limit signs and stay on the right side of the road and not drive down the middle! Yesterday we followed a Cruise America RV for 44 miles from Mexican Hat to Bluff UT. The speed limit was posted at 65... They drove most of it over the middle line at 45mph except when going downhill! And there are several long downhill 7%-9% grades where I was wondering if they had found where the brake pedal was yet! EeeeeeK! Because of their erratic driving we opted NOT to pass them with the MotherShip but to follow with flashers on. Only 2 cars attempted to pass them and one nearly got sideswiped as the rental RV drifted over in the left lane, I don't think they ever used the rear view or side mirrors to see if anyone else was sharing the road with them! Of course I agree, the scenery from Mexican Hat to Bluff is awesome and amazing, BUT !!! Please... PAY ATTENTION!
Last night we landed in one of our favorite campgrounds, Cadillac Ranch in Bluff Utah!
Bluff is a perfect place to spend a few days or weeks just exploring the Southwest! Great location! Less than an hour to Monument Valley,

or Hovenweep or Canyonlands National Parks, Moab, The Goosenecks State Park, Valley of the Gods and some of the most amazingly beautiful country America has to offer! Less than 3 hours from here is four corners and Mesa Verde National Park. Usually we just plunk ourselves down right here at the Cadillac Ranch for several days and go exploring! This part of Utah is one that will keep your jaw dragging on the ground, it is just so beautiful.... it screams "THIS is the SouthWest!" to me! It defines the American southwest better than any other place we have visited.  More later in the next blog! 
Love ya'll!
Geri, Chuck and our HoundHerd Scotty, DoogieBowser and Radar!


  1. No idea so many European travelers...I'll remember to be on the lookout going down the road - WOW!! You have some beautiful photos...back to checking out the travels! ~cozygirl

    1. That part of southern Utah and northern AZ are so thick with Europeans, sometimes you can't stir them with a spoon. Good place to visit in their early spring and in mid-Fall. That's when I'll go from now on.

    2. Believe me, the European RV tourist is saving a lot of campgrounds this summer that would have gone broke otherwise!

  2. I like the Fiesta in Page but not the one in Kanab where I prefer Escobars.

    The RV rentals scare me to death as they straddle the center line. Don't people know the lane is the same width between the lines everywhere.

    Glad you made it to Bluff.

    1. That was the worst RV rental we have ever followed!
      Not a clue how to drive in America! Prolly thinking in kilometers instead of miles!

  3. Guess the European RV drivers think their rental RV is wider than it is. Hey, do I remember Goosenecks State Park - that's the park I wanted to stay overnite in but left because of the standoff between the 4 Navajo's and a white man absconding with artifacts ( no police there), which we know is a federal offense. Apparently they were familiar with this man's ways. It is beauuuuutiful country.

    1. It really is beautiful country out here, wish we could stay longer but we are here in Bluff interviewing for a job next summer! Then we head back to NM for a 3 month job there! Waiting for owner here to arrive. Glad the Navajo were there to defend the artifacts!

  4. Great Post. You are in my favorite area, the area that last year 2011 inspired us to buy our rig. On your recommendation of several months ago, we are finally headed to Chloride over labor day weekend. We are really looking forward to it. We have had some great adventures this year (I am behind terrible on the blog :-() but we will be home the next two weekends and hope to get really caught up then. Thanks for all of your great information on places it really helps me plan places I want to see. Enjoy your travels, and hope the meds get to you soon.

    1. Thanks Maribeth and I know you will enjoy Chloride! If you are towing with a good 4 wheel drive, be sure to explore Cloride Canyon ! Chuck and I go there and stay in the Chloride campground, every Halloween! What better place to spend Halloween than in a real ghost town !???


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