Sunday, August 26, 2012

Petroglyphs, Goosenecks and Valley of the Gods!


Last Thursday, August 16th, Chuck and I got up early and headed out. First to Sand Island, 4 miles south of Cadillac Ranch RV Park in Bluff Utah.  Most of you know I love petroglyphs!  I would love to be able to understand them, as would many others much more scholarly than I! One of my favorite panels is at Sand Island.  I did a post on it last year, so I will just post a few photos of it this year and post a link in case you are interested in seeing more.

There is only this small sign on the east side of the road announcing Sand Island, no mention of the petroglyphs. As you go down the hill, take the first road to the right to get to the rock art.

I love the old Navajo songs and stories!

This art is between 300 and 3,000 years old!

There is art drawn over art, some of the newer art obliterating some of the older drawings.

The drawings are dense in places, you can click on the image to view it full size.  Many animal drawings and beings I don't recognise.

Like this guy, does he look alien or what????

Many Kokopelli images on these 2 panels.  They are very large and dense with art! If you like petroglyphs this is a place you should visit!
Visit last year's blog for more photos of Sand Island


There are about 5 or 6, maybe more, of these very deep, very tight "Goosenecks".

The older I get, the stronger my fear of heights becomes!  Knowing it is at least 1,200 feet straight down behind her, my heart was in my throat as I watched this lady backing up for a photo!

Then Chuck took this photo of 2 young men who climbed down to walk out on this ledge.... YIKES! What were they thinking? How did they get back up?
It was almost straight down to get to where they are now!

For more information on the "Goosenecks State Park", click the link below!


Valley of the Gods is like a mini Monument Valley. Up close and personal. 

However, please pay attention to the signs and don't just blow by them like this guy just did. It clearly states that this road is not recommended for RV's etc., etc., etc.

The roads are dirt, mostly narrow one lane tracks. Steep hills, sharp curves hanging over cliff edges and deep dippity do gullys! Fine for a regular sized car or truck but NOT an RV!

Chuck and I can not figure out how this idiot made it this far into Valley of The Gods under those road conditions! This was a 32'-33' Class C rental! Sheeeh!

We followed him for several miles, unable to pass him. When we finally get to a wide spot in the road what do we find?  Another RV rental coming up the hill from the other direction! This was the only wide spot in the road for at least 5 miles, so at least they met in a good spot, but what the hell were they thinking???? 

Actually, both drivers were probably terrified! They spoke for several minutes as they sat side by side, probably discussing what the road ahead was going to be like for each of them.  Here is the road ahead for the guy we were following!  He let us pass him after the other RV passed by us both! That strip of land that looks like it cuts through the road was actually a very DEEP dippity-do gully... we had serious doubts that long RV would ever get past that! The shorter RV going the other direction left scrape marks all over the rocks!

But for those of your who are the more intelligent of the human species, Valley of the Gods is certainly worth the time and visit. You don't really need a 4 wheel drive, but we did engage ours a few times. We were in my Chevy TrailBlazer.

The vistas here are awe inspiring!

I love the totem formations!

More road views....

We had a great day! Valley of the Gods and Goosenecks State Park are both on the same side road off highway 163 about 1/2 way between Monument Valley and Bluff Utah.  We went back to the MotherShip at Cadillac Ranch in Bluff and felt that wonderful kind of tired you get from having had a good day.
We left Bluff the next day and headed down the most beautiful road just south of Bluff, we picked up highway 191 to Chinle AZ and Canyon de Chelly our next stop!  More about that on the next post, I promise!
Right now, August 26th, we are now in our home at Truth or Consequences NM.  We are workamping only 2 hours away in Mimbres NM near Silver City. We work 3 days and we are off 4 days....  how sweet is that????  So on our first days off, we came home for the first time since we left in April! hahaha! Found waist high weeds in our yard waving in the wind to greet us!  We spent our first night in town at our favorite restaurant "Groovy Gritz" and with good friends Dave and Gayle Turpin.  Cactus Flats was playing good tunes on stage but Chuck and I were pooped from the drive and yard work so we left early!  Felt good to wake up at home!
That's the news from the crew of The MotherShip, Geri, Chuck and the HoundHerd, Scotty, DoogieBowser and Radar.  Tell ya about Canyon de Chelly in a day or two!
Somebody has the right idea of home! Love it! Seems those 3 dogs do too! I found this photo online and loved it!


  1. Love this country and want to see it. Probably RV rentals, they know not what they do. Welcome Home!

  2. Great pictures of the area. I think you hit the nail on the head--rental RVs and inexperienced RV travelers.

  3. To you offer photography lessons? Wow...

  4. Hi everybody, I have been thinking about the RV rentals thing. Most who rent tese RV's are not from the USA. Most barely speak English... I wonder if they can read it? Probably not. While working in Zion campground this summer, we met a whole lot of foreign RV Renters from everywhere you can imagine. I am sure most could not read English, especially when they we driving by a sign at 60+ mph! But going into a place like Valley of the Gods, without consulting your internet in your home language, could be very dangereous! Thanks for the compliments on the photography! Both my husband and I take turns with the camera. When visiting the American SouthWest, it is almost impossible to get a bad photograph, the landscapes are that stunning! We use an old Nikon SLR digital that needs a new lens, but the camera is pretty indestructible!

  5. What great goosenecks!

    I suspect that most European tourists have a reasonable grasp of English (far better than I would have of their languages). Maybe testosterone was involved - it transcends language. :D

    I love that house, too. I'd love to know more about it.

    1. They were probably European tourists, but they need to pay attention to roadside information signs! LOL! I still wonder if that larger RV made it thru the dippity doo gulch! That glass house is cool, just something I saw online and shared!


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