Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Emily and Family Arrive !

Finally the day we have all been waiting for arrives!  Our mobile home is empty and clean waiting for the new owners to move in!
Emily and family are from Kansas and Emily is moving back to New Mexico where she was raised. They are meeting us at Walmart with a U-haul packed to the max!
1006 east 8th 004em
I am excited as I see them coming up the hill, Emily at the wheel!

1006 east 8th 006em
Emily and her housemate Jim peer out….

1006 east 8th 007em
Chuck takes over the U-Haul as Emily rides with me. Jim, her son, follows with his car as Juno, her daughter follows driving Emily’s truck as we arrive at Emily’s new home on the hill! Chuck backs the U-Haul in from the alley. It’s a tight turn and uphill!

1006 east 8th 008em
Housemate Jim relaxes under the Mulberry tree as Juno’s dog, Buster, keeps an eye on Juno!

1006 east 8th 009em
Things are quickly unloaded!

1006 east 8th 010em
Emily and her son take a break as he tries to locate the insurance company on his cell phone.

1006 east 8th 011em
Juno takes the opportunity to relax on the futon.
She has decided to take this one back with her to Kansas.
So it’s all over now but the signing of the paperwork!

Agua Vista RV Park
This is the RV Park where the MotherShip is temporarily docked.  Agua Vista RV Park in Elephant Butte NM and Elephant Butte Lake is in the background. Nice, small park with 30 roomy RV slots, friendly folks, most stay several months at a time. Rent is very reasonable at $200 a month plus electric!  Great big salt water swimming pool and showers and laundry!
Owner Mike is a super nice man and we have enjoyed our stay here. But we will be leaving as soon as all the paperwork is signed and headed to Florida to see family and friends. We are now truly full time RV’ers!

The water in Elephant Butte Lake has risen about 17 feet due to all the recent flooding here in NM. It all ends up in the Rio Grande and from there into Elephant Butte Lake where it is dammed up and released in the spring for the farmers. Colorado  got all the press and their flooding was  worse than what we had here, but there was loss of life all over NM. We lost 2 lives right here in Sierra County! They were calling it the 100 year flood!
Ralph Edwards Park T or C
Ralph Edwards Park sits next to the Rio Grande River and it was totally flooded! Downtown Truth or Consequences also suffered a lot of flooding but the worst happened in southern Sierra County. Ranches were flooded, homes were severely damaged or totally ruined by the flood waters.  However, all this water helped put a dent into the severe drought situation that has had a strangle hold on New Mexico for the past 5+ years!

Life goes on and so do we.  We will be leaving soon.  Chuck and I will miss New Mexico, but we will be back.  We are looking forward to seeing our daughter and Glorianne and her husband Chaz and our 4 grandchildren Kyle, Ryan, Annesley and Aubrey!

That’s the news from the MotherShip!  Signing off, Geri, Chuck and the K-9 Kids DoogieBowser and Radar!
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  1. Yay! You are almost on your way. How exciting.

  2. Can't wait to follow your new adventures around the country. Thanks for everything you two. I know I'll see you again and again - either here or there.

  3. Hooray for all of you! Welcome back to the full-timing life!

  4. Bill and Ann.... yes we are almost on our way! So excited! Emily, we are happy ya'll arrived safe and sound! RVSue... I agree Hooray!
    Gaelyn we sure hope to have LOTS of good adventures in our future! Thanks to all of you for your friendship and warm wishes.

  5. Happy trails...knowing you can't wait to see the family. We're still in caregiving mode not knowing what to do or when to leave. Nice park...I'm saving that one!

  6. Cozygirl, keep in touch and let us know when you arrive in Florida!


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