Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Chuck and I left Floydada Texas on Oct. 20th and stayed on Highway 70 for 2.5 hours arriving in Crowell Texas to stay at Longhorn RV Park and Steakhouse. It sits 15 miles west of Crowell, entrance is next to a very nice state picnic area off the highway. We cut our day short because we knew the next day we would be heading to Lake Texahoma State Park. From Floydada it would have meant a 7 hour day on the road and we just don’t do those anymore! The Longhorn was a no-frills campground $15 for Full Hook Ups but no restrooms or showers available! We ended up staying 2 nights because I just didn’t feel real good.
We left the Longhorn at 10am Monday morning and drove 4.5 hours on Highway 70 out of Texas and into Oklahoma. Highway 70 is a wonderful east/west highway through the Texas Panhandle into and across lower Oklahoma and well into Arkansas! We don’t do Interstates except in short hops because I hate driving on them! But Highway 70 is very well maintained and very low traffic! We had a great day to be on the road passing huge ranches, cotton and cornfields, horses, cows and more than a few small and unique towns.
We arrived in Lake Texahoma tired, hungry and a bit grouchy! But oh my… this is still one of our favorite stops!
Lake Texahoma SP 001
The folks across the road all line up for full hook-ups and no shade! 
Lcamp siteake Texahoma SP 016
While Chuck and I were all alone over in the Water & Electric only sites…. in the shade! That’s us on the far right!
camper Lake Texahoma SP 004
Radar and DoogieBowser get to explore off leash and we get the shade from nearby trees!  Our site was $15 and next to the restrooms/showers! The hot shower felt great! The restrooms are a bit dated and could use a few updates but I really appreciated a good hot shower.  This morning I took the dogs for a walk off leash and they got to run around and act like dogs, even chased a squirrel up a tree! They loved it.
a point Lake Texahoma SP 011
The lake is beautiful!  Of you strain your eyes a bit to the center of the picture, you can see a couple walking out to the point to fish. The lake is down a bit but it is still a great place to be. We decided to stay here 2 nights also. Guess we are showing our age, even just driving by the geezer 2-4-4 rule (200 miles, 4 hours or 4 pm) means it’s time to pull in! But we were ready to pull in after 3 hours! LOL!
CHUCK Lake Texahoma SP 003
One of the first things Chuck is going to do when we get to Florida is donate his hair to “Locks of Love”. He lost his mother to breast cancer and he wanted to grow his hair at least one time so he could offer it for wigs for the chemo ladies. “Locks of Love” will be getting one beautiful head of hair when his is donated! I would love to have hair like that, long, thick & curly!
Tomorrow we leave here and head for Crater of Diamonds State Park for a couple of nights. It is near Murfreesboro Arkansas!  We have been there once before and liked it. It will be another 4 hour drive for us. Maybe we will be lucky this time, a 14 year old girl found a big yellow diamond just last week! OUR TURN!  Smile
Signing off for now from the crew of The MotherShip , Chuck, Geri, DoogieBowser and Radar!
Am. Indian


  1. What, no picture of the squirrel?? LOL

    1. I never saw the squirrel myself, just saw the boys take off and then tried to climb the tree! I assumed it was a squirrel. I seldom take my camera when I walk the dogs.... I should have yesterday!

  2. I like the looks of your shady spot. Unless I'm staying somewhere for a while I can live without sewer.

    1. It stayed shady all afternoon too! We were 2 spots down from the restroom/showers too! Wish we could stay longer than 2 nights, but we want to get to Apalachicola in time for the Seafood Festival and tomorrow we want to hunt for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park! We leave here in about an hour!

  3. Hi, Geri... Sometimes the interstate is a good thing, especially if there's not much traffic. It gets you where you want to go! Pretty lake... I wish you good luck tomorrow hunting for diamonds! Sue

  4. Good luck on the diamond hunting. When we were there a couple of years ago, a guy had just found one on the path out to the digging field. You just never know when Lady Luck will smile on you.

    1. Hi Sue Hi Jerry, Lady Luck did not shine (read next blog) in diamonds but she sure did shine in finding us a good mechanic!


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