Saturday, October 19, 2013


After travelling from Truth or Consequences NM to Fort Sumner NM on highway 60 East, we pulled into a nice but no frills campground right off the highway. $20 a night for FHU but no showers or restrooms. Valley View Campground. Nice long spaces, plenty of room for The MotherShip and my Trailblazer!
Fort Sumner RV Park
Across the road was a great restaurant, FRED’S RESTAURANT where I ate the best ever blue corn enchilada and Chuck had a smothered burrito. YUMMY! One block east of the campground is the Billy The Kid Museum!
BTK Museum ent
The museum was more than expected. So many artifacts of the old west!
Mr. Sweet is the owner of the museum and this man knows his history! His family has lived here many generations!
BTK Museum grinding stones
At the entrance, mill stones or grinding stones are displayed. I have never seen so many in one place!
                                    Chuck aka BTK
Chuck pretending to be Billy the Kid!
BTK Museum spurs
There were cases full of spurs…. who knew there were so many differently designed spurs for different purposes?
BTK Museum Guns
There were rooms lined with all kinds of guns, one of them really belonged to Billy the Kid!
BTK Museum
The museum is a lot larger than it looks! It spreads out through several rooms!

BTK Museum clay figure
This case had nothing to do with Billy, but it interested me the most. Found in a cave in Silver City…  to me it looks like a dragon with wings but the sign below says:
BTK Museum clay figure sign
Whatever it was, it was interesting!
We left the museum and headed back to The MotherShip. It was noon and we were ready to hit the road! We got back on Highway 60East headed to Clovis where we also picked up Highway 84S.
We also picked up the wind and the dark threatening clouds and the cold! It went from 60’s that morning to the 40’s within  an hour on the road! It was hell on wheels and no other words are available to describe it.  Wicked winds fighting our steering wheels the whole three 1/2 hours we were on the road!
We usually check the wind map that gives good solid information about winds on your route! We did not, but here is the link so you have it.
I keep it on my desktop ready to use, now I just have to remember to use it!
We followed 84South to Muleshoe Texas where we picked up 70 East which brought us here to Floydata and the great little city FREE campground!
Floydada st sign
From the west, you enter Floydata on Highway 70/North 2nd Street, the campground is on the right at Taft.
Floydata maintenence office
The Texas D.O.T. is right next door, just east of campground entrance. 

I apologise! Yesterday I told you that it was free here for 4 nights WRONG! It is free 2 nights and you can stay an additional 3 night for $5.00 per night!
But there is the 5 night stay rule and you must leave! No Showers, No Bathrooms. But the city of Floydata gives you water and electric and a dump station for free! It’s a cute little town and they want to show off. Folks who camp here seek out the restaurants, gas stations (there is a gas station and a propane station nearby) A good example is the family camped next to us last night, they came back with arms full of grocery bags and Dollar General bags! This nice little campground encourages the tourist dollar to stay and visit Floydada awhile! Certainly helps the local economy!

Floydata campground
There were 3 of us camped here last night, and room for several more.

                   Floydada dog walk
There was frost on the ground earlier this morning, but Radar and DoogieBowser never noticed! Their noses were on the ground reading all the doggie news!
With all the wind and rocking and rolling we were doing yesterday on our drive here, we were not too surprised to find one of our cupboard doors had opened and dumped the contents out on the floor…..
INCLUDING 1/2 quart of honey that leaked out all over everything else that fell out and all over the floor!  It was cold and wickedly windy outside, everybody wanted to come in…. but I had to clean up the sticky mess as much as possible before we could let the dogs come in!
What a mess! We have decided to stay in Floydada one more night so I can finish cleaning up the sticky mess and so Chuck can fix our step on the MotherShip. The top bolt has come loose and needs to be replaced!
From here…..  still not sure what tomorrow brings…
there is a turn in the road that we are considering!

Happy Trails from The MotherShip and her crew. Chuck, pilot. Geri, co-pilot and our navigators DoogieBowser and Radar.


  1. Good loking wind map. Thanks. I had a cabinet door open and makoe a mess. Now I wrap a velcro strap around the two door knobs where it happened, if youo have two doors with knobs close together that can k

  2. Very engaging post, Geri! I had my face in my laptop studying every photo. Thanks.

    Tell Chuck the hat brings out the pink in his complexion. Very cute!

    Looking forward to seeing where you go next. Stay out of the wind! Sue

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi ya'll! Glad you enjoyed the wind map! I sure should have checked it yesterday! Thanks for the tip for the cupboard doors Turn, but mine are above and below each other, nothing to strap to. Thanks Sue! Chuck is growling at me because I posted that photo! We are just doing a short hop tomorrow. More later!

  4. That had to be one sticky mess...I've only lost a silverware drawer so far! A wind map?! How handy...glad you took an extra day...loved the views of Floydada...cute name!

  5. A great little town with some smarts to offer the free camping, even if only for a couple days.

    I could watch that wind map until it wasn't windy. ;)

    1. Cozygirl, I am just thankful I have tile floors! Can you imagine the mess if 1/2 quart of honey had leaked onto carpet??? NO THANKS!
      Gaelyn, I feel the same way abot Floydada offering a free campsite! SMART! Last night we had the best fried chicken fingers at the DQ, and we filled my car up with gas. This morning we will fill Chuck's beast up with gas before we head out.

    2. Geri....reservation in Ft. Pickesns and Henderson Beach coming up....trying to figure out maybe a way to get over your way middle of NOV....I'll watch to see when we end up that way and if you not off visiting the family.

  6. A great place to camp is St. Joseph Peninsula State Park near Port St Joe!
    Beautiful white sand beaches, high sand dunes and wonderful campsites! We are like you, playing this by ear as to when we will be where! My e-mail is Keep in touch! We are now camped near Vernon TX!

    1. Checking it out....will be in touch and send you a PM...


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