Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Badlands of South Dakota

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting this. My words can't begin to touch the beauty so I'll just let the photographs speak to you!

If you want to view them in a larger size, just click onto the image.  Enjoy!

It had rained the night before, this made the colors even more intense!

The roads go on forever!

Of course we had to have pictures taken in front of the famous Wall Drug dinosaur! The Badlands loop road takes a short run on the Interstate 90 and past the town of Wall, where the now famous Wall Drug Store put this town on the map! We had so much fun looking here and we even got our Wall Drug Store bumper sticker! Great art galleries and just fun place to walk around!

When Chuck was in the Air Force, he and the crew he worked with, delivered 3 of these minute man missles to Langley AFB in South Dakota. Interesting side trip from Interstate 90!

Hope you enjoyed the trip through the Badlands National Park! Also wanted you to know that the restaurant there, Cedar Breaks is wonderful. I had an Indian Taco made with bison meat and Chuck had a bison burger! Hope you enjoyed the tour through the Badlands National Park!

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  1. Great Pictures! Come back again!

    Kristine Young
    Office of Tourism


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