Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ellis and Oakley Kansas

Emily Ogle (aka NomadWoman) and Chuck in Oakley Kansas. She workamps at a great little campground, High Plains Camping.

After Emily was finished with her workamping week, Mon, Tues, and Wed each week in Oakley KS we followed her to her hometown of Ellis KS, about 70 miles east of Oakley.  What a pretty little town! I didn't get out much as I was still very uncomfortable with my arm and shoulder from the fall.I stayed with the pain pills and read books! Chuck took these photos so we could show you Ellis from his eyes.
We were in Ellis Kansas over the Memorial Day weekend. We proudly displayed our flag!

This was once a roundhouse. Here you could turn trains around and send them back to where they just came from or they would be sent here for repairs. Ellis has a long train history.

Chuck loves trains and there were box cars for him to explore and trains passing throughout the night with comforting whistles.

This is a great little train ride for the kids! As I mentioned, Ellis was once a train town. This ride starts from the train museum and passes near the campground. Finding the train museum open was a bit challenging. It was never open when Chuck tried to visit!
This is just one of the beautiful churches in Ellis. It was across the the river from the campground.

The campground is city owned, water and electric with huge trees for shade for $15 a night in downtown Ellis. It is right on this river which is dammed up at the end of the campground. The river runs through most of downtown.

We have decided to come back here when I am feeling better so we can really check out the town!

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  1. The picture you claimed to be a roundhouse is in fact the Power house which provided steam for all of the Union Pacific building in Ellis. Around 1922 there were about 35 buildings which made up the Union Pacific yards. Ellis was a division point. There was a 36 room hotel "The Ellis House" a district office depot water treatment plant,65,000 gal. water tank, coaling tower,roundhouse,power house,shop building and much more. I was the last Union Pacific employee to work in the power house in 1958


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