Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lake Ogallala Recreation Area, Nebraska

We left Oakley Kansas and Emily behind... (thanks for everything Em!) and traveled up highway 25 to 61 into Nebraska! Wow! Two new states for me, have never been to Kansas or Nebraska before this trip! I will remember Kansas for the wind! I will remember both for the almost empty roads. Beautiful countryside, very flat in Kansas and then it starts rolling in Nebraska. The back roads were pretty darned good too! I bet we met less than 30 cars in the 5 hour distance between Oakley and Ogallala! Saw lots of beautiful horses and ranches though!

This was the view out the back window of the Mothership when we camped at Lake Ogallala Recreation Area campground. Beautiful park but jeeeeze louise! NO SIGNS! Very hard to find once you turn off the highway! It's worth it once you drive around lost for 30 minutes or so!
The dam is right behind us and the lake between us and the dam. Very nice camp areas! Electric only, no water or sewer but there are water stations and a dump station in the park. Very nice and clean restrooms/shower areas.

Woke up to a misty, foggy morning! Good view of the dam in the background. That was a scary (for me at least) dam to cross. The road was VERY narrow! And VERY steep on both sides. Yikes!

In both Kansas and Nebraska the cottonwood trees were bloomong. All of that white on either side of the road isn't snow, it's a cotton like fluff from the cottonwood trees and it gets into everything!

We spent two days here. This is a very fine campground IF you can find it! I am getting stronger everyday and my shoulder/arm is slowly recovering.

        My Sleeping Beauty and his Two Dwarfs!

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