Monday, June 7, 2010

Entering South Dakota

Coming into South Dakota was such a treat!  It is very green, it has hills and curves (unlike Kansas and Nebraska) and it is eye candy everywhere you look!
As we were getting closer to the badlands area, we started seeing ranches like this on the highway.

We camped at the Badlands RV resort, a great little campground that offered everything from horseback riding to archery! Chuck wanted to do the trail ride the first night we were there.

Chuck knows how to ride, so he didn't want some plodding trail horse, he wanted one that had some sass to him. So he requested one that hadn't been ridden for a few days and might be a bit "feisty".
The trail ride had 12 folks in the group that night. It was a 90 minute ride thru some of the badlands. Note: Taking photos from the back of a "feisty" horse ain't easy! Chuck tried, but a lot of them came back blurry. But he got this one to give you an idea.

That "feisty" horse Chuck requested, bucked him off and gave him a beautiful black eye! He has had it almost a week now and it's still very black! Poor baby!

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