Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Amazing Beauty ~ Bernalillio to Chama NM

Bernalillio NM
to Chama NM

Chuck and I just had the most amazing day trip of our journey so far! We didn't want to head back to Chama through Santa Fe and Taos because of all the traffic congestion there! YIKES! So we chose to leave Bernalillo via Highway 550. Change to Highway 96 just north of Cuba and pick up Highway 84 to Chama NM.
Honestly, this was the most beautiful, amazingly unreal vistas, just too beautiful to be described by mere words! Even photographs don't capture it! Why this route is not marked as a scenic highway is beyond me! I have seen The Painted Desert....
this was far more colorful! There has been a lot of rain in NM this year, so there is a lot more green than usual. But all the color are just so intense!
If you want to see the images larger, just click on it and you will have a larger image!
I shot 544 images (than God for Digital !!!)
and really had to fight to sort out which ones to put on the blog! I think it's down to about 36 images now!
This was 6 hours of driving/exploration amazement! Each new bend in the road just gave us a whole new vista! If you are travelling....... put this road on your bucket list!  It should not be missed.

The mountains look blue off in the distance...

Then you start to see reds showing...

Then the whites appear....

This cool old car passed us!  On it's way to becoming restored, I'm sure!

I think this is coming into Cuba NM...

 The Earth has such a beautiful palette of colors!

 Colors and textures, the Western landscape is breath taking! Please excuse dead bugs on wind shield !

The neat old car passed us a second time!

Nice location to have a home!

I could live here!

Each new turn of the road brought more beauty!

Just amazing colors, layer upon layer! Mother Earth shows off her petticoats!

The road kept opening up onto these beautiful vistas!

These were all "drive by shootings" taken from our fast moving truck! Hard to stop when you have a 30 fifth wheel RV behind you! So I promise you that although my lens and lens filter were clean.... the windshield was not! Please forgive the remnants of all the dead bugs that marred the view!!! I hope you get to see this part of NM, it was so beautiful!

Happy Trails from The MotherShip and her crew:
Chuck, Geri and the hound herd, Scotty, DoogieBowser and Radar!

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