Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Front Yard in Truth or Consequences NM

Our Front Yard
was in full bloom when we arrived the first of July!

We have all native plants! You can see the MotherShip down on the street and some of our mountains.

The hummingbirds love this plant as you will see below! I don't know the name of it yet, but we have 2 of them! (found out that this is called "Red Yucca")

 Another shot of the MotherShip out front. We kept her there a few hours while we unloaded everything we brought for our T or C home. (T or C is short for the town name of Truth or Consequences)

the mountain behind the Mothership is known as Turtleback mountain.

Our porch! We bought the bench from a Mexican restaurant that was going out of business! I love the SW feel of it! The rug is one I bought to take with me when I went camping with my Casita, long before I met Chuck.  It works well with the bench to add color !

Here is the view we get when we walk out to the street! We never get tired of Turtleback and the
Caballo Mountains. Last year, when I posted photos of Turtleback, some of you couldn't see the turtle straddling the mountain.

Here I tried to emphasize the turtle, hoping that now you could see what the Native Americans saw. This landmark told them that this is where the healing hot mineral springs were to be found. The turtle is a symbol of healing in several cultures.

Chuck and I love to sit on the steps and watch the storms roll in! DoogieBowser joins us!

The Monsoon season is here, the clouds build...

The storms come...

We get a front row seat to storms and rainbows!

     Our Birds

We have a lot of hummingbirds visit!

They like this plant better than the feeder I put out.

I saw this one only once, the white ring around the neck and the dark feathered head distinguished this one from the others.

Really quite beautiful!

We buy "socks" filled with flax seed for the gold finches. They would crowd the bag so we bought two, then we had two bags full of birds!

This poor old dove tried to get on the bird feeders but just too big. Doves are not good perchers so watching this one trying to balance on the clothes line was really comical!

Gold finches feed hanging upside down, so we bought a feeder just for them!

full load !

Lots of birds hanging from both bags. I fill both bags every morning!

We also bought 2 feeders for the other birds.

And they were happy~ I also filled both of these feeders every day!

Chuck and I love watching all the birds at our house!

Tomorrow, August 2nd 2010, we head out again, first to the ghost town of Chloride NM for 2 nights, then to Alburquerque to get the tire holder installed on the front of the truck, then we head back to Trujillo Meadows for a night or two with Betty and Larry and finally.... we head straight up to Spearfish SD where we will work until mid-
October! Happy Trails !!!

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