Wednesday, August 25, 2010

South Fork Road, Cody WY

August 23, 2010

Monday, we took a drive down South Fork Road.
Approximately 20 miles paved, 10 miles dirt.
This road follows the south fork of the
Shoshone River. What a beautiful drive.
We went Sunday with Paul and Diane, but it was rainy and overcast all day, so Chuck and I went back on Monday (with better light) to take pictures.
I'm not gonna say much here, what can I say?
It was a beautiful drive. Cody WY is amazing! 

People out here have herds of horses,
not just one or two! Beautiful!

Mom! There's a big truck coming!

Mom watching her fawn run across the road

2 Pronghorn Antelope

Just layer upon layer of blue mountains...

We didn't see any grizzly bears, thankfully!

sage brush

rolled bales of hay

Road winding into the layers of blue mountains!

nice ranch

Castle Rock

Just out touring... nice old car

Shoshone River

Would have loved to have seen some bighorn sheep!

End of the trail! South Fork Road ends here.
It is a beautiful and fun trip! Lots of wildlife!
Chuck and I appreciate Paul and Diane and thank them for showing us this special road!
We  hope you enjoyed it too!
Chuck and I plan to come back to Cody WY next summer to workamp. It's beautiful around here!
This morning Aug 27th finds me watching the sun struggling to rise over the very TALL Teton Mountains!
We are now in Tetonia Idaho!Remember, not all who wander are lost!

From the crew of The MotherShip, Geri and Chuck and their Hound Herd: Scotty, DoogieBowser and Radar!


  1. OMGosh Geri, Totally amazing! There are no words to describe the beauty you capture. On facebook, there is a post about America the Beautiful...These are the pictures people need to see, to remind them of this gorgeous nation we live in. I just starred and starred at your pics, I was traveling with you, I'm hiding in your pantry,, LOL. Love your blog, girlfriend! Be safe and have fun!!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these beautiful pictures. I did a search for Southfork Road, Cody to see if I could find some pictures, and your blog came up. I used to live and work on the Southfork and I miss it very much. That road is a hidden gem and your gorgeous pictures captured the rugged beauty of that backcountry. I had spectacular views from my windows and could see Castlerock from my backyard. Thank you!

  3. I am glad you both enjoyed the ride down Southfork Road. It remains one of my favorite!

  4. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures of Southfork Road. As suggested by a BLM employee in Cody, Wyoming, I drove this road in August 2010. Unfortunately, the photos snapped with a disposable camera in the early afternoon sunlight did not turn out. May I have your permission to post the Castle Rock image on my Facebook timeline to remember this spectacular drive?

  5. Hi Rochelle! Sorry I found your message so late... sure you may use my photo on your timeline!


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