Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On the road to Chloride NM

Beautiful Back Roads
To get to our favorite ghost town, take exit 83
 from I-25, just north of Truth or Consequences NM

On highway 52 headed West, to Chloride, you will see layers of blue mountains in the distance.

The clouds started building on the horizon.......

The clouds covered the distant mountains

Soon we could see rain off in the distance

Our roads were clear and beautiful. It is about a 35 mile drive from the I-25 to Chloride, wide open vistas and back country roads.

The rain moved closer to us!

Finally caught us about 15 miles from town!

It rained hard for about 3 minutes

Then you could see the sun beyond the rain

An abandoned adobe dwelling we passed along the way! Lots of adobe is still being used!

The sun keeps trying to make an appearance!

Finally the rain moves on and so do we 

Flowers on the side of the road loved the rain!
The ride to Chloride NM is a beautiful journey! One you will not regret! If you ever get the opportunity, Chloride should not be missed!

As you enter Chloride, the first thing you will notice is the hanging tree in the middle of the road!
Next post will be about the town of Chloride!

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