Friday, July 8, 2011

Sand Island Rock Art

Just a few miles south of Bluff Utah, you will find a sign on your left announcing Sand Island. It doesn't tell you what it is, just turn left there!  You will find a rock art panel easily as big as the one we found on Potash Road in Moab!  
From a distance, it is hard to tell how large this panel really is. It extends from the far left behind that big rock to the far right, beyond the frame of this picture.

Remember you can click on the photos to enlarge them to full size, making seeing the rock art easier!

Of course, graffitti is always a problem! 

The one thing I have never seen, even in the petroglyph books, is that pair of "oars" top center! Maybe that is modern graffitti, I haven't a clue!

Probably the most amazing thing about Sand Island Petroglyphs is that for many years they were hidden from sight by the pesky tamerisk trees. Non-native, these plants take over everywhere in the Southwest where there is water! Utah is trying an experiment with a worm that feeds on tamerisk (or salt cedar) and it seems to be working! The worms actually cleared out the tamerisk from in front of these petroglyphs, petroglyphs that many folk had forgotten about.
3 strange figures at the top. Human or Alien ???

From a distance, it was hard to tell this panel existed. The fence it below was the clue! There are still some tamerisk trees trying to make a come back here.

 The second part of the panel......  this panel was well protected by the rock overhang.

Twin Rocks, landmark in Bluff Utah

Hope you enjoyed the petroglyphs from Sand Island.
I should mention that there is a vey nice campground here, right on the river. I believe it is a BLM campground and the rates were very reasonable. There were bathrooms provided and water and electric.

Next posting will be about Newspaper Rock, one of the more popular rock art panels!

Happy Trails from the crew of The MotherShip
Geri, Chuck and the hound herd!

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