Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eastern side of the Grand Teton Mountains!

Tuesday Sept. 8, 2010

Paul and Diane took us to Jackson Hole Wyoming
to view the Grand Tetons from the Eastern side!
The 30 mile drive from Tetonia Idaho to Jackson WY meant driving over a pass that had 10% grades up and down and very sharp "S" curves!
You can see that for yourself from following the road below!

I wish I had taken some pictures on Jackson. especially where we ate lunch, The Cowboy Palace!
UNIQUE! Ha! No bar stools for their customers, they had saddles complete with stirrups for their clientele!
The tables were slabs cut from huge trees and the interior was all odd shaped wooden beams. Lunch was pretty good too!
After we left downtown Jackson, we entered The Grand Teton National Park.

First stop was the
Chapel of the

This little log cabin style chapel was built in
1925. Perfectly located at the foot of the majestic Grand Teton Mountains.

Why waste money on stained glass when you have all the proof you need of God just outside the window?
Our Lord created the perfect planet for us, complete with healing plants, good water, good air all so that we might have a good life.  Seems like we all lost sight of that somewhere along the way!
The interior of the chapel is as simple in it's beauty as the exterior. Log pews, rough hewn plank floors, log walls and beams, all inviting you to look through the window at the beauty of our planet.

The simple log fence outside the church just adds
 to the beauty!

A control fire burns off in the distance.

The Grand Tetons still pocketed with snow.
They are so dramatic when seen from
the Eastern side.

Complete awe! Majestic!

As seen from Jenny Lake

The water is crystal clear, so blue!
See the little puff of cloud?

That little puff grew this size in a matter of minutes!
It amazed all of us who had never seen a cloud grow so big so quickly! However, it enhances the scene.

Pronghorn Antelope were grazing on the roadside.

This guy must have fought one tough battle! His right horn was all twisted and deformed. but even so, he is still beautiful!

After he posed for all of us silly tourists, he decided to saunter off for someplace more peaceful.

When we arrived back at our campground,
we were privy to a beautiful "pink" sunset!
The Grand Tetons are just as majestic from the western side, we get to see them at sunset!

 Hope you all enjoyed the tour! Keep in touch!
Geri, Chuck and our "furkids" Scotty and DoogieBowser. We are off to a rodeo on Saturday!

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