Thursday, September 23, 2010

Road Trippin' to Flaming Gorge WY/UT


September 17, 2010
We left the Fort Bridger campground about 11 am.
By the way, this was a very nice campground, nice huge campsites, clean and well off the highway!
We picked up highway 414 and headed to Flaming Gorge which shares it's borders with both Wyoming and Utah. We did not expect to see much as it was just a 2 1/2 hour drive. I cropped most of the photographs to a panorama image... it's just such a big wide country out here, it seemed to look better!

Once again, we are on the road less travelled,
headed for the distant mountains of blue.

The closer we got, the mountain foothills
really looked blue!

We couldn't believe our eyes! The earth really had a bluish tinge to it! Even the grass was a weird color.
I have no colored filters on my lens, I even tried to color correct it some because it's hard to believe in blue dirt, even when you are looking right at it! The photo above was taken out the right window. 

This photo was taken out the windshield on the left side of the road! As I sit here looking at these photos, I still can't believe the color!

This photo was taken out the right side window, with window rolled down so no window tinting could affect the color.... there wasn't much of this blue earth.... just enough for me to get 3 close ups as we drove through......

Then a few miles down the road, we came to white hills! White that had reddish and a bluish patches of dirt mixed in!

This planet earth is full of surprises!

Finally something that seemed more normal, a nice herd of pronghorn antelope!

We crossed between the Utah and Wyoming borders so many times I was never sure which state we were in!

Finally we find our spot right next to the lake at Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. As you will see from the following photos, the campground was almost empty! We almost had the place to ourselves!

The marina was always busy and there were always lots of boats on the lake!

DoogieBowser likes riding shotgun!

Scotty likes his comfey bed in the backseat!

View from our back window!

The campground had a small herd of pronghorn antelope that wandered around grazing.
One buck and 12 does. This is the buck.

Some of the does...

part of the harem resting in the shade

a few more does....

Our last sunset on the lake

the sunset colors bouncing off
The MotherShip

We had a great camp site here,
only $13 per night so the price was right!
We stayed for 3 nights.
We really liked it here and plan to return.
Hope you enjoyed road trippin' with us!
Geri, Chuck, Scotty and DoogieBowser


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