Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fort Bridger WY

September 16 2010

Chuck is a lover of old forts. Me? Not so much!
I will agree that they picked a beautiful area to make a fort and trading post though! Two creeks running through it, surrounded by mountains the fort was located in a beautiful valley.

This will tell you a bit about the fort. You can click on the picture and it will open to full size so you can read it better.

Garage Camp Cabins were right next to the fort built for all the fur traders and those women tired of sleeping in covered wagons! NOT! haha! Built in the late 1940's for tourists like Chuck and I to stay in overnight so they could spend a day touring the fort.
I love the $1.00 a night price!

              A nice old wagon...
               makes me appreciate the MotherShip!

             Chuck reading all about some of the
                       restored buildings.

        Old ice house on right and wagon shed on left.

                         Freight Wagon

  Photo Op.... pretty weeds next to old wagon wheel !

                               Carriage Shed

          Two carriages used back in the old fort days.

   This is where the Pony Express horses were fed
                and housed between rides.

                A US Government Calvery Wagon

                A window into the past.........

Surgeons tools.... I found his name interesting! My 
mother's family name is Noyes... the name of this surgeon. Not a very common name.

                        Cabin interior

This, to me, was the most special place about Ft. Bridger. Thornburgh was a dog.... that the camp so loved and admired they built him a memorial! He was very brave too! Enlarge the photo and you can read about him!

People leave money on Thornburg's grave, not sure why...  but they do. Part of the gravestone reads
"Man has never had a braver friend,
sleep well lil friend"
Died Sept 27, 1888

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