Sunday, October 12, 2008

Above downtown Hot Springs is a beautifully brick paved walk. It takes about 30 minutes from end to end, we had all 3 dogs with us, so it took a bit longer with everybody stopping to ohhhhhh and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh over the cute
doggies! That plus the dogs had to stop and make sure they watered every plant!

We started from the center of town, there is a big visitor parking lot in the middle of town and the trail starts from there. We came out north of bath house row, so we took Central Avenue back to the parking lot. The old bath houses are beautiful! I wish we had time to go visit one.

After our tour of downtown, Chuck took me to myfavorite rock shop just north of Hot

Springs Village, Coleman Rock Shop. I have mined often for quartz Crystals at the Coleman

Mines, but we just didn't have time this trip!

Check out the size of those quartz crystals in front of me! WOW!

Downtown Hot Springs is worth a day to just walk around and explore! They are restoring a lot of the old buildings there and downtown is looking prosperious again! There are several of the old bath houses being restored now and 2 are fully restored and you are welcome to soak for a day or an hour, as long as your pocketbook will allow!

About 1/2 way down the palisades trail is the steamy hot water tumbling down the hill, over rocks, to the pool below. It doesn't look as hot and steamy as it really was, it was a chilly morning and believe me... the water was steamy!

We left Hot Springs Saturday about 9 am and landed here with a lakeside campground site in Oklahoma and will report more about it in my next posting. It's time to hit the road for another day!

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